Attabad lake

A beautiful disaster – The Attabad Lake

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Before you plan a visit to Attabad lake, let’s talk about the area a bit. The Attabad Lake is located on the east of Karimabad (capital of Hunza district), around half an hour away east from the town.

When arriving individually, trips to the lake can be arranged with the local guides present in Karimabad. Most of the boat trips in the lake last at least an hour long. Another option is to arrange a five-day tour from Islamabad which covers areas including Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley, and the Pak-China border area.

The lake is frozen in winters, but during summers it is a spectacular teal-turquoise blue whose beauty is tough to describe and can only be witnessed by the human eye. The lake is so clean that it reflects the sky crystal clear in the water. The lake is so extensive that it can not be viewed entirely by just standing at a single point.

Many myths circulate about the formation of many landmarks in Pakistan. It is said about the lake in Katasraj, Choa Saidan Shah, Punjab that it was formed from Lord Shiva’s teardrop when he was mourning for his wife, Satti. The Attabad Lake was however formed in much less dramatic circumstances.