Ansoo Lake

The Lake that Cried - Ansoo Lake

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It is no big news that Pakistan has some of the most beautiful scenic spots in the world. Almost all kinds of landforms can be found in the country, of which one very prominent one is the spectacular lakes found in Pakistan. Among these, one is the Ansoo lake. this lake is located at a high elevation in the Kaghan Valley, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The lake is located at an altitude of 16.493 ft. close to the Malika Parbat Mountain in the Himalayan mountain range and is among the highest and most beautiful lakes in the Himalayas.

The name of the Ansoo Lake is given due to its tear-drop shape. Ansoo is a word of the Urdu language that means tear. The lake is frozen for most of the year and can be found melted only between July to August. The best time to trek to this lake is between July 10th to August 15th each year, as the lake’s mesmerizing beauty can also be witnessed during this time. 

If you are visiting Naran Kaghan, you must visit Ansoo Lake. It is said that the Pakistan Air Force discovered this lake during a low fly in 1993. Before that, even the locals were not aware of it. In 2010, a team was sent from Peshawar to discover this area and help boost tourism here. This team then worked to discover and map out the different possible routes to the lake.