Without your help, these people could lose everything

life as we know it   Apr 7, 2020

Guides and porters are the backbone of Pakistan’s tourism industry.

Their expertise and knowledge gets us through unfamiliar paths, to places which we had only seen in photographs. Their grit and strength allows us to traverse long trails and climb incredible heights. And their stories and knowledge let us take a trip down memory lane, get a window into the past and instead of just seeing places, allow us to experience them too.

Read about Tabish’s experience with Little Karim, a guide based in Hushe.

This year, the entire world came to a halt. Industries, schools, and unsurprisingly, tourism. As we all do what we can to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, countless daily-wage earners working in the tourism industry stand to lose everything. Most of these people are guides and porters who come from humble backgrounds, who now stand without a source of income, without a plan for the future and, in many cases, without any hope.

FindMyAdventure’s Guide Fund has been set up in collaboration with Rizq to offer some much needed relief to the families of guides and porters across Pakistan in their time of need.

The donations are being distributed through cash disbursements to deserving guides and porters within our partner network via EasyPaisa directly into their CNICs, without the involvement of any third-party or intermediaries. A list of all the beneficiaries can also be provided to donors on their request.

Adversity brings out the best in us. In these difficult times, funds and donation efforts are being made everywhere to help communities of people that need the rest of us to lend a hand. Donate to the Guide Fund today to help us help them.

Donate now at: http://www.findmyadventure.co/donate