Why you will love Hunza

vacation   Jan 8, 2020

Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan has become one of the most beloved spots for international and local tourists alike. But why do people fall in love with Hunza when there are other regions that have scenic sites too?

In truth, the adoration for Hunza goes beyond Attabad lake, Passu cones, or fairy meadows. Hunza being a desired travel location has more to do with the environment of the region. Here’s why we are smitten with Hunza…


Those who live in cities will completely understand what we are talking about here. The more urban a place becomes, the more the instances of theft and robbery. But those who have travelled to Hunza know exactly how safe it is. Whether you are a girl travelling alone, or a family on vacation, Hunza is the safest place you can be.

You can roam around the streets of Karimabad at even 1 am in the night without any fear. Not only do the locals guarantee all visitors have a good time, they also ensure you feel safe and secure during your travels. According to the shopkeepers in Hunza, the crime rate of the area is below 1 per cent.

The people

Though the mountains of Hunza are exquisite, it is the people of the region that make your stay special. The minute you reach Hunza, you feel like you have been transported to some foreign land since the behaviour of the residents there differs from an average Pakistani. For example, the locals love to befriend visitors and you are bound to encounter people who randomly start a conversation and end up inviting you to their households. That’s what we call hospitality!

Coming from a city, it took us a little while to accept the friendly nature of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan but the fact is, they are the sort of folks who simply want to spread peace and joy without an ulterior motive.


Whoever goes to Karimabad, cannot resist the popular bazaar of the area no matter how hard they try! Ranging from handcrafted outfits and accessories to decoration pieces, and from amazing shoes to musical instruments – the bazaar has it all. Some of the items available are unique and a must buy for all visitors. This includes jewellery made from stones that are available only in Hunza.

The food

Photo courtesy: CafeDeHunza

Food tastes different in every province of Pakistan due to the water and temperature of the areas. Since Hunza is famous for its fresh water, its not a surprise the food there is delicious. Hunza has some of the best karahi’s you will ever have anywhere else in the country. The region is also famous for its walnut cake and Hunza tea.