Why you must see Gorakh

adventure   Dec 25, 2019

When you think of travelling around Sindh, do you imagine a flat desert like land? Well, that was the consensus a few years back till travellers found out about the Gorakh Hill Station.

Located at a high altitude 5,688, Gorakh is situated in the Kirthar Mountains near Dadu city. The hill station itself spreads over 2,500 acres, and has become the favourite travel spot for city dwellers who need a quick weekend getaway.

An 8 hours drive away from Karachi, the road to Gorakh can be strenuous and a 4×4 vehicle is needed to reach it. However, the journey is still made by families and groups of friends many times a year due to the scenic beauty Gorakh has to offer. In the morning, you can see Sindh at your feet. At night, you will see the starry sky like never before.

Gorakh is also famous for its sunrise, sunset, and its cold temperature. Yes, it might be crazy hot in Sindh in June, but Gorakh will still be cool. The hill station’s elevation gives it a special climate, with sub-zero temperatures during winter and generally below 20 °C in summer.

Camping adventure

Since Gorakh is situated uphill, it has not yet been urbanised. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? The essence and purity of the hill station is in the fact that it brings travellers so close to nature. Hence, when travelling to Gorakh, think of an adventurous camping experience. Also, don’t worry about feeling cold there during winters as there is plenty of wood available to make a bonfire.

History of Gorakh

Apart from just being a scenic site, Gorakh is also famous for the myths and folklore that are associated with the history of this place. According to several sources, the hill station was named Gorakh after the Hindu preacher “Gorakhnath” wandered over to the hill station while seeking solitude. According to sources, Sri Gorakhnath ji had great yogic powers.

Other sources also reveal that there was a small temple on top of Gorakh hill that was often visited by Hindus.

Locals on the other hand, state that Gorakh is derived from the Balochi word “Gurkh” but the Balochi word “Gurkh”. This word is a distortion of the Persian word “Gurg” which means wolf.

But why would the scenic location be named after wolves? Locals believe, Gorakh hills and its surroundings were once the abode of wolves.

Why visit Gorakh?

Still not convinced? Here’s a list of reasons why you must book a trip to Gorakh now

  • It is the only place in Sindh where the snow falls.
  • Experience the North in Sindh without having to pay a heavy price for tickets.
  • You need not apply for vacation at your workplace, or skip classes if you are a student. All you need is a weekend.
  • Being so close to nature will refresh your mind.
  • The Gorakh sunset and sunrise is a site you won’t even find up north.