Why you must paraglide

adventure   Jan 10, 2020

Have you ever been paragliding? Well, its one of those adventure activities we often see in Hollywood movies where people jump off a plane with a wide canopy resembling a parachute attached to them. The good news is, you no longer need to travel outside Pakistan to partake in such escapades. Everything you want to explore is right here, all you need is some motivation to help you embark on such adventures.

Here is why you must paraglide:

Adrenaline rush: It might seem scary at first, but paragliding is completely safe and makes you feel like you are at the top of the world. Hence, your body responds to the excitement with a rush of adrenaline. Not only will you feel energised, but will feel happy even after you are back home.

Facing your fears: Want to challenge yourself? Go paraglide and get rid of all your irrational fears. Also, if you have a fear of heights, this is a great way to help you realise how strong you are. Sports like these can lift your spirits and make you understand your own strength.

Burns calories: Like other sports, paragliding too burns calories due to the adrenaline rush experienced while flying. Yes, you don’t always have to work out to burn fat. You can have fun and burn 230 calories per hour with paragliding.

Creates confidence: Though paragliding looks easy, many people get scared before they take the final jump. Some also change their minds and never go through with it. Hence, when you actually accomplish a paragliding adventure, you feel a boost of confidence. It’s a sense of accomplishment that no one can take away from you.

Body balance: Paragliding requires the exercise of your core and the deep postural muscles of the trunk and pelvis, and the abductor muscles of the thighs are continuously being conditioned. Paragliding will strengthen all of the muscles in the center of your body, providing more power to your other muscles.

Stress relief: When you are paragliding, you focus on what you are doing and nothing else. The sights in front of you are too wonderful to let you think about the other problems in the world. Therefore, the new experience leads to a new stress free YOU.

Freedom: While paragliding you are not just free from the troubles of the world, but you are also free from the rules of gravity. Trust us, you will feel free like a bird – like no rules of the world apply to you anymore. Though the experience of floating in the air is short, its impact will stay with you for years to come.