Why visit Attabad lake

adventure   Jan 14, 2020

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi

Before January 4, 2010. Attabad was a village in Hunza which was inhabited by approximately 100 families. However, January 4th onwards, the entire village ceased to exist when a massive landslide hit Attabad. The disaster killed over 19 people and displaced 1300 individuals who had to reside in camps till new houses were provided to them.

After this natural disaster struck, Attabad lake was formed – a river that is now 360 feet deep.

As brutal as the history of Attabad is, it is now one of the most beautiful spots in Hunza and one of the most famous locations that the locals take pride in. Nestled withing gigantic gorgeous mountains, the clear blue water of Attabad lake overshadows any other beautiful sight in the surrounding area. You can’t help but be awestruck by the lake that seems to change into different shades of blue as the sun sets upon its journey from east to west.

During a visit to Attabad lake, you will be able to spot some tree branches and twigs sprouting out of the water. As tragic as it may sound, those are the memoirs of the bustling village that once used to be.

Why you must visit the lake

Since Attabad lake has been ranked as one of the top lakes of Pakistan, it’s not a surprise it attracts a large number of tourists every year. To take advantage of the growing tourism industry, and also to provide travellers with fun activities, the locals are now offering boating, jet skiing, fishing and other recreational activities.

Apart from water sports, here are some other things you can do at Attabad lake:

Camping: Tired of staying at hotels and looking for a new experience? Camp at Attabad lake! There’s nothing more fun and adventurous than camping near a stunning lake and spending the night singing and dancing next to a cozy bonfire.

Tip: Stay up till daybreak and watch the lake and the surrounding mountains glisten like gold as the sunlight hits them.

Picnic: Don’t have the time or the stamina to camp at Attabad? Instead of opting for a cliched restaurant, have a picnic at the lake with your family. All you need to do is pack some snacks, fruits, drinks and a mat. Now you are set to enjoy a relaxing few hours next to the lake!

Tip: Take some board games with you so there are activities for the family to partake in during the picnic.

Propose to a partner: If you are looking for a romantic way to propose to a partner, making the move at Attabad lake would be the best way to do it. Imagine popping the big question while boating around the turquoise lake. Just the lovely ambiance will make her say yes!

Celebrate your birthday: Think you are getting too old too fast? Why not take a recreational trip on your next birthday instead of throwing a meaningless party? Not only will a trip to a place like Hunza and its beautiful lakes make you feel good, but you will no longer feel bad about ageing. Most importantly, its going to be a journey you will probably remember for the rest of your life.

Photography: Are you a photographer looking for different locations to shoot? This would be a perfect place for you to catch nature as well as the tragic history of Attabad’s formation all in one place.

People can also hold pre-wedding shoots here instead of opting for the typical places like Badshahi Mosque and Sheesh Mahal. Destination photography anyone?