Why spring is the best time to travel

vacation   Feb 28, 2020

Had you been planning to head out for a vacation during summer? We advise you to re-think your decision and travel in spring instead.

Here’s why…

The perfect weather!

Spring is almost everyone’s favourite season since it brings in the perfect weather! It’s neither too hot, nor is it too cold. Hence, you can travel anywhere without a trouble in your mind. 

Less crowded 

All over the globe, summer time is when people head out for vacations since schools and colleges give an off to students. However, since so many people  are free and travelling, all famous vacation destinations get over-crowded

On the other hand, during spring, you can easily avoid large crowds and find the peace and serenity you had been searching for all year. 

 Reduced flight and hotel rates 

Since many people are busy in work and school during spring, of course the airlines suffer since the demand decreases. To further attract people to travel, airplane companies reduce their costs. 

Same is the case with hotels who give their rooms for a cheaper cost than they do during vacation season . 

The flowers bloom

Everything is great during spring – the weather is comfortable, the grass is bright green, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is the season where Mother Nature reigns the planet! 

Head outdoors 

Since the weather is so great and nature is blooming, spring is the best time to try out adventurous activities such as scuba diving, camping, hiking etc.

 Fantastic festivals 

People all over Pakistan await the amazing festivals that spring brings with it such as basant and numerous others cultural celebrations in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Some bird watching 

As the temperature increases, birds who had migrated during the winter return to the area of their origins. This means you are most likely to see beautiful birds that you had never seen before.