Why self-isolation is important during the coronavirus threat

news   Mar 17, 2020

In the last few months, the entire world saw the coronavirus (COVID-19) slowly spread across the globe. While Pakistani’s had nothing to fear previously, the entire scenario changed when the first case of coronavirus was discovered in the country last month.

Today, the tally of those infected has reached to 193. With other countries serving as an example of how fast the virus can spread, it is of upmost importance that we take precautionary measures starting today. 

Not only has the outbreak caused numerous offices to shut down, but restrictions have also been applied to public gatherings, weddings and events. And now, the government of Pakistan has advised people to stay at home and self-isolate in order to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus. 

Are you wondering why those around you are urging you to stay at home? Here are some facts that may be able to convince you…

How COVID-19 spreads 

The coronavirus is a respiratory syndrome that has caused panic because there is no vaccine available to counter it. However, though the majority of those infected have been cured, why take a risk when it comes to your loved ones? According to research, the virus istransmitted through respiratory droplets that remain on the areas and objects an infected individual has coughed or sneezed on.

Hence, if you touch the areas where the droplets landed and then touched your face, you are likely to catch the virus too. This is why people are being urged to wear masks. 

Typically, it takes around five days before symptoms of the virus start to show in those infected. 

Why self-isolation is important 

Instead of panicking, here’s what you can do if you have travelled recently or feel slightly sick: Stay at home!

Yes, it may sound drastic but it is important you cut yourself off from the world. This measure is necessary if you want your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones to stay safe. After all, it’s just a few weeks of isolation to ensure the health of those around you. 

Precautions to take at home 

While self-isolating yourself at home, it is also important to protect those living with you. Therefore, do not share dishes, glasses, towels or pillows. You should also wash your hands regularly and maintain distance from old people or those with health conditions since they have a weak immune system.