Why Pizza is the Best Travel Food!

adventurefoodlife as we know it   Aug 25, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

It won’t be a stretch to say that Pizza is a food for all times, the perfect comfort food suitable for all occasions, be it a movie night with friends, or a celebratory event, pizza is always the answer. Now combine it with another happiness provider, travel, and you get a combination that remains unmatched. Imagine munching on the cheesy goodness as you take in the beautiful scenery around you, from majestic mountains to free-flowing rivers and greenery all around. Here are a few reasons why pizza is the best travel food for those cold nights and warm summer days. 

It’s not Messy

There is no doubt about the fact that despite the variety of amazing desi menu, it is difficult to consume, especially on the move and that’s where pizza comes in handy. Because of its perfect sliced shape, it’s easier to hold and eat. You can fold the triangular slice or just have it like that, it is bound to be less messy than any other food, desi or fast food, that you are choosing from. 

Variety of Flavours

The world of pizza is only growing and expanding with new exciting flavours and options being introduced daily, thus automatically broadening the menu scale to a wide assortment. From the very simple yet classic chicken supreme to the all-new afghani tikka introduced by Pizza Hut, the options are infinite. 

It’s Budget Friendly

Apart from being comfort food, pizza also falls on an affordable scale, and with such great deals from Pizza Hut starting from as low as Rs. 399, you won’t have to worry about putting a dent in your travel expenditure. 

The Safest Choice

In simpler words, you can never go wrong with Pizza. It may come off as a surprise but it is pretty easy to get a pizza that is not passable but tastes amazing, because frankly speaking, a good quantity of tomato sauce, just the right amount of spicy chicken with a mix of all the favourite vegetables and that sizzling bubbling cheese, pizza is a good choice, especially when it is from the very own Pizza Hut. 

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