Why Pakistan is the Perfect Travel Destination

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by Amna Tanveer Khan

It has not been an easy feat for the Pakistan tourism industry for quite a lot of years in the past. The constant negative portrayal in the media as a war ravaged country has not been favorable to us in any way but it hit extra hard when it came to the travelling sphere. But things are starting to change for the better and Pakistan is slowly and effectively picking up on this end. This doesn’t just prove to be a positive thing for Pakistan but also gives local and foreign tourists alike to explore areas that still are very much undiscovered.

Photo Credits: CapturebyJawad

Traveling in Pakistan can be a riveting experience. One moment, you are frustrated at the lack of Wi-Fi service and the very next moment, you are swarmed with people ready to offer you their own 3G data so that you can have a hassle free trip. It can be challenging, uplifting, even life changing. Pakistan is a place that offers you the most majestic mountains, breathtaking valleys, ever stretching deserts, architecture that ages back centuries, food that will leave you only crave for more and people whose hospitality will want you coming back.

It is no secret that Pakistan is known for its diverse landscape. The second largest mountain in the world, the notorious and loved, K2, is located in Pakistan. The mountain ranges in the country are some of the hardest to climb which proves to be an effective magnet for many adventure seekers and thrillers alike. Rafting, water activities, paragliding, rock climbing are some of the sports that are gradually developing which means more options available. Valleys like Hunza, Gilgit, Kaghan and Swat are some of the renowned ones, for their ideal location and the gorgeous views they offer. In spring, they are lit up by the beautiful cherry blossom trees growing throughout the region, whereas in summer, the greenery comes out, dazzling in the bright sun. In winters, the snow takes over.

Photo Credits: Uzair_Ahmads_Photography

Where the Northern areas are a sight to behold, the rest of Pakistan is not lacking in any other aspect. The southern part of the country owns some of the most glorious beaches. Having a coastline that stretches for a distance of a 1000 km, most of it still untapped, makes it into a relaxing drive and a fun calming getaway. You cannot mention Pakistan without commenting on the delicious variety of food that it has to offer. From food streets present in every major city to the local delicacies like Sajji, Goshtaba and others, are meals that you will not only remember the taste of but treasure the experience as well. 

Pakistan is a wonderful travel destination that caters to all your needs. Take some time out and plan a trip to this beautiful country to have a trip of a lifetime. 

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