Why is Traveling Essential?

adventurelife as we know itvacation   Mar 19, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

When you hear the world travel, the first thing that comes to mind is often a vacation taken to get away from our busy schedule, when we want to unwind and break away from the normal daily routine. But what if travel can be much more and it is us who are limiting it to certain definitions and perceived beliefs?

It is very difficult to sum up travelling in one word. It is an experience which is felt differently by every individual; for some, it is a refuge; for others it is the feeling of finally finding yourself. Some just want to check things off their bucket list and others just want to party and have fun and that is an interesting feat of traveling; there is no right or wrong to it. It is just pure unadulterated joy that you feel after finally finding that contentment.

We live in better times as compared to our forefathers, not only technologically but also in terms of access to things and services and because of this we find it difficult to break out of our comfort zones. We continue living in the same place, surrounded by the same people, with the same lives and mind set as us; and this is because we have become comfortable that way. You don’t have to challenge yourself to think or perceive things differently if you are around similar minded people. But it is when you break out of that comfort zone that you will learn, not just in the sense of meeting new people but also in the hardships you face, trying to explore and discover the world, one that is very different from what you always had in mind.

Traveling is a big giant door that leads to your preferred door while on the way you also get to peek into the other rooms and learn and find things about your own self which you were unaware of your whole life. Travelling can also be the personification of a mentor, the one you always looked up to, because of their immense repository of wisdom and a unique perspective of seeing the world. Because it is travelling that lets you meet different people, witness different cultures, and understand different mindsets and beliefs and where they originate from. In simpler words, traveling opens your mind to make you into a more tolerable, compassionate version of yourself.

Travel in itself and its importance in our lives is limitless. But one thing that takes priority over anything is what it does for me or you, as an individual. The role it plays in a person’s growth, in the change of their thought process, in the subtle act of them finding their true selves or in the discovery of a completely new person brought about by this five letter word: ‘TRAVEL’. 

Travel Now! Because if not now, then when?