Why cycling is good for you

adventure   Dec 29, 2019

Let’s face it, living in Pakistan means you don’t get to walk around much. The cities and towns are mostly transport-friendly and many people don’t get the chance to indulge into the habit of walking to places. The result: our daily routines barely include any physical activity. 

Here’s a fun way to get more physical activity while you explore the city – start cycling! Following are the benefits of cycling: 

Improves mental health 

Any sort of exercise improves mental health since physical activity releases adrenalin and endorphins. This means you not only feel confident, but you also begin to form certain health goals that will keep you motivated and happy. 

Also, being outdoors and exploring the streets in Pakistan where travelling in cars is the norm, can give one a sense of freedom. 

Promotes weight loss

Cycling can burn between 400 and 1000 calories an hour depending on the intensity you are riding at.

The best part is, it’s not a boring activity such as the treadmill where you keep jogging in one place. Since you get to zoom past so many sites, you are likely not to get bored. This means you will cycle longer than you can jog on a treadmill.  

Cuts heart risk

Cycling raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping round your body. As a result, it’s one of the exercises that is recommended by many doctors in the world since it reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer. 

Boosts brain health 

Any type of exercise generally helps boosts brain health since it effects the brain flow. However, cycling is considered to have a better impact as compared to running and other forms of cardiovascular workout regimes. 

Better immune health 

Are you one of those people who tend to get sick as the weather changes? Well, in that case, cycling is the perfect solution for you. Exercises such as cycling can improve the immune system by increasing production of essential proteins and waking up lazy white blood cells.

A great social activity 

Want to make friends? Join a cycling club! Cycling is an incredibly sociable sport and it tends to unite those who possess a love for it. Not only can you go on a cycling adventure every weekend in Pakistan, you can also be a part of several competitions.