Why camping is good for team-building

corporate travel   Jan 17, 2020

Companies and businesses all over the world have realised how important it is to keep the staff happy and satisfied in order for them to be a productive workforce. Hence, firms are brainstorming and introducing ways that can help strengthen the team and their interaction. Let’s face it, once we join an office, spending half the day with the workplace mates becomes a daily practice.

You eat with your colleagues, you look up to them in times of stress, and you turn to them when you aren’t getting along with the boss. But there are also instances when team members aren’t able to form a bond or communicate properly.

It is to avoid issues like these that it has become essential for corporates to introduce team-building activities within their office culture. One of the proved techniques that improve synergy within colleagues is camping.

Here is why the activity of camping should be introduced to your organisation:

Helps with coordination

Setting up camp, distributing food, and making sure everyone is present at a camping adventure requires a lot of coordination. Hence, even if two people never got to converse at the office, they will end up talking to each other during the trip. Trust us, it is adventures like these that make the shy employees step out of their shells.

Brings leaders forward

While the entire camping trip can be managed by a third party, the team within will still need a leader who will encourage others to participate in activities, dance under the starry night, or simply show up for the trip. Surprisingly, that leader is not always the one who is already in a managerial position.

Therefore, it is important to have such activities just to see who has the potential to make a difference.

Helps strengthen relationships

Heading out to a camping expedition can not only help people connect, but it will also strengthen the relationships of coworkers. This is because while travelling, you find out about numerous things you have in common with others. You might belong to a completely different social class, but just bonding while you share a camp with your colleague, can aid in highlighting similarities you never knew existed.

Builds trust  

One of the core ways to develop unity within a group of people is to get them involved in a task that requires conflict resolution. Since camping is done outdoors, various opportunities will arise for people to depend on each other and build trust.

Increases creativity

Going out in nature and helping your team experience something new helps increase creativity in the long run. The activity of camping also increases energy levels of the employees and pushes them to step outside the box.