Why a cruise is the best way to discover Karachi

adventure   Dec 12, 2019

What’s your idea of having fun in a metropolitan city like Karachi? Visiting restaurants, coffee houses and adventure parks are activities that are the norm. But what do we do when we want a change of scenery? 

The answer is simple. Go on a cruise! 

Now, this idea may seem fancy and expensive, but the fact is, if the cost is distributed per head, it comes up to the same amount as a dinner at a five star restaurant.
The process too, is hassle free. All you need to do is book a cruise, turn up at the site with your friends or family, board the boat, and enjoy!

As far as preparations are concerned, the short cruise also includes food with the ride. So all you need to do is basically show up and relax.

Here’s why cruising in Karachi is a must: 

  • The view: Let’s admit it, the city is not as green as it should be. And it can get pretty noisy at times. However, while on a cruise, you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and focus solely on the peace that the waves bring with them. All you can see ahead is water amidst the glittering lights of Karachi. Sounds serene, doesn’t it?
  • Relaxation: Since there is limited space on the boat, you can’t really explore the area. But you can sit back and relax as the cold wind hits your face. Trust us, all your worries will be miles away from you as soon as the cruise starts.
  • Making memories: You might not remember a dinner or a shopping trip after 10 years down the road, but you sure will remember a cruise with your loved ones. And if you have kids on the boat, we are sure they won’t let you forget about the trip for years to come. 

Things you might need:

  • A sunblock if you are cruising in the afternoon.
  • Hand sanitiser.
  • Motion sickness medication such as motilium if boat rides make you nauseous.
  • Some chips and biscuits if you want snacks.