Travel mistakes to avoid

adventurevacation   Feb 24, 2020

While travelling, there are numerous blunders we all make. These slip-ups not only effect the quality of our vacation, but also govern the expenses of the trip. Here are some mistakes you must avoid the next time you decide to travel:

Get travel insurance

You might not think you need it, but who knows what life can throw at you. Accidents don’t inform you before they happen, hence, be responsible and get insured. Travel insurance will come in handy in case you lose an expensive item too.

Don’t eat at major tourist attractions

Walking around and exploring a tourist attraction may make you hungry, but buying food from a nearby place is a decision you should rethink. This is because most of the places near a famous tourist spot are more likely to be expensive.

Do decide where you want to go beforehand

In Pakistan, there are numerous travel destinations up north and in the south that don’t offer a great internet connection. To avoid confusion and completely relying on a tour guide, we advise you to google the places you want to see beforehand. Note them down and discuss the travel plan with your tour guide.

Figure out the distance between each location

This is important because a lot of times we make a list of must-visit places without realising how far apart they are. If you know the distance beforehand, you might be able to plan a better route for your adventures. This will save time and money.

Don’t overpack

Sure, everyone wants to look good for the photos on vacation, but it is a bad idea to overpack your belongings. Not only will you be unable to travel freely with a heavy bag, but you might need to leave things behind if you end up shopping at the place you are visiting.

Don’t stuff too many adventures in one trip

We understand you want to do everything you possibly can in the place you are visiting, but over burdening yourself with activities is never a good idea. Not only will you be too tired to enjoy yourself, you might even fall sick if your body reaches its breaking point.

Never keep all your money in one place

You might be going to the safest place in the country, but literally anything can happen anywhere. Keep your money in different places to avoid losing all your cash in case theft occurs. People on vacation also often become absent-minded and leave things behind, hence, keeping money in different bags is a good back-up plan.

Google restaurants

Don’t just start eating at the first place you see, spend your money wisely and google places to eat according to your preference. Besides, don’t you want to try the cultural dishes each region has to offer?