Travel in Times of Covid

adventurecampingcultureday trips   May 26, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

Covid 19 has been a part of our lives since the beginning of 2020 and continues to influence not only just our health but our lifestyles too, getting to a point where this has become the new normal. Our road to recovery, although continuing, is full of bumps and hurdles and we currently are at a point where things seem bleak but as we move ahead, there are certain things and practices we need to make part of our routine now. Since Covid has put such a dent in our yearly plans, it is natural for many to venture out and get back on the road again after the lifting of the lockdown. What we need to remember is while we get back to traveling, we are careful and cautious of our health and of the locals whose homes we are visiting. These are some of the travel tips you can follow on your travel journey.

Airport Travel

A heavy crowd is almost unavoidable at the airport since a lot of people have started traveling but a little prep can go a long way. Do a check-in online and opt for touchless boarding. Always have extra masks, sanitizers, wet tissues on hand together with your travel necessities. You can always eat before leaving in order to avoid a meal at the airport and use the restroom before boarding your flight (if it’s a small one). 

For the Plane 

Keeping the mask on at all times is not an option but a need now, but if you want to be extra cautious you can also don a face shield. It is advisable to avoid an aisle seat since people who grab the aisle place tend to move around and thus come in contact with other people, especially applicable to respiratory viruses. 

Check your Surroundings

Whatever mode of transport you are using, be it a bus, a train or a plane, it is best to observe the situation beforehand, for extra precaution. If the one-seat skip policy is still applicable, do the people around you seem sick, or not following the correct sops, it is best and for your own good to catch the next bus or train, or request the management for involvement in ensuring SOPs. 

Hit the Road

Traveling in today’s time involves risk but a road trip can prove to be a smarter choice, with people you are already in contact with. You can avoid in-person interaction with others by being thoroughly prepared pre-trip by arranging snacks and more snacks for the journey. While you stop to refill the tank, put on gloves and dispose of them when done. Make sure to sanitize your hands. 

Take Care of the Locals

While you remember to enjoy your time, always remember to be mindful and responsible when it comes to the locals of the area you are visiting. They welcome you to their homes, and are nothing but hospitable, what you as a traveler can do is not only to ensure you don’t pollute but in today’s time, also follow the SOPs reliably. 

Although you might be traveling again, it is important to be safe and follow all these recommendations to avoid any chances of you contracting, or carrying the disease forward. Feel free to reach out to our team on our helpline before, during, and after your trip regarding any concerns you might have. 

Happy (and safe) travels!