Travel bloggers to follow if you miss travelling

adventure   Mar 30, 2020

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi 

Never had we ever realised how important travelling was till today – the time when people are quarantined at home. Unfortunately, till the threat of the COVID-19 passed, travelling is nothing more than a dream.’

Fret not, just because you can’t travel doesn’t mean you can’t look at the amazing places that exist in Pakistan. Check out these travel bloggers if you miss travelling and use their excursions as an inspiration for the next trip you plan. 

Girl with green passport 

This travel blog is an inspiration to many girls who can follow Anam Hafeez’s journey to different parts of the world.Accompanied with travelling tips, inspirational videos, and great photos, this blog is perfect for women who want to explore the world solo.


Known as one of the cutest Pakistani couples who are inspiring people all over the world to travel, Amtul and Fahad of Patangeer are a perfect example of how those in love can enhance any journey they are on. 

Yes, travelling solo is great, but exploring the world with a partner isn’t so bad either. In fact, your soulmate can be the perfect partner in crime!

The north drive

Based on the adventures of backpacker Huma Tariq, the blog focuses mostly on adventures to the northern regions of Pakistan. This particular blog proves that women can trek, ski and climb mountains whenever they want. All they need is motivation.

The unseen voyage 

A yogi bitten by the adventure bug, Koumal’s blog will make you want to strike astounding yoga poses amidst the gigantic mountains of the north. Follow her if you miss travelling to places like Hunza.


Follow the photographer Emmanuel Guddu if you want to know all that is happening in interior Sindh. From life stories to locations that are unheard of, the blog will give you a detailed insight into the greatness of the province and its exquisite culture. 


Check out Bilal Hassan’s instagram page if you want to explore Pakistan, it’s culture, and the different situations faced by people living in the country. Not only does this travel blog have great photos, but it will also make you look at life in a different way.

Tabish Sethi 

Mostly focusing on interactions with people of different cultures all over Pakistan, this blog will make you want to befriend people the next time you travel! And of course, there are some great pictures of the mountains too.