Top 7 destinations to visit in winter!

vacation   Dec 6, 2018

Wondering where to go this winter? Why not relax among the gorgeous scenery of Pakistan? Let the hospitality of our locals, delicious milky chai and hot nan keep you warm in the snow. Adventures are waiting for you!

Cherry Blossom trees in the beautiful Hunza Valley. Credits: Emran Mani

1. Hunza: Visit Hunza, the valley of dreams where snow on the cherry blossom trees puts on a spectacular show, and the frost-covered mountains and icy Attabad Lake create a scene straight out of a snow globe. A week in the majestic Karakoram mountain ranges is enough to transform you. It offers something for everyone, be it mountaineers, explorers, couples or tourists. Higher up is also the iconic Khunjerab Pass connecting Pakistan to its great neighbour China.



Swat: The Switzerland of the East

2. Swat: Ensconced up north in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is the magnificent Swat valley. Dubbed the “Switzerland of the East”, the area is a traveller’s paradise with its refreshing weather, lush green pine trees, snow-capped peaks, and the crystalline waters of the Swat river meandering through its heavenly plains. The Malam Jabba ski resort, atop the Malam Jabba mountain, is the ultimate skiing destination, with trainers for beginners, too! Whether it is adventure tourism, historical exploration, or a peaceful holiday retreat you’re interested in, Swat offers something for all its visitors.

The evergreen Azad Kashmir

3. Azad Kashmir: Looking for the perfect combination of bewitching scenery, stunning valleys, and magical waterfalls? Complete with a memorable chairlift ride up to the beautiful Arang Kel? Kashmir is the place for you! Relax by the Dhani and Kutton waterfalls and the peaceful Neelum river in Neelum valley. Explore Sharda and the historic Red Fort. Or plan an expedition to the mystical Pir Chinasi.

Credits: Emran Mani

4. Nathiagali: A charming little hill station in Abbottabad, Nathiagali is ideal for hiking, trekking and sightseeing. Mushkpuri peak, at 9,000-plus feet, is the crowning jewel of Nathiagali. With stark pine, oak and cedar trees bordering the hills, its bright green carpeted fields and lovely multicolour meadows, the whole place is straight out of a painting.


Snowfall in Shogran Valley


5. Shogran: Shogran, a picturesque hill station, lies on a plateau in Kaghan Valley, surrounded by the Makra Peak and the famed Musa Ka Musala. It remains accessible throughout winters when the valley is most peaceful. Resembling a Christmas postcard, Shogran is a popular tourist haven. It’s perfect for families or couples wishing to relax in one of the cosy hotels or adventurers in search of a hike to the peaks nearby.


Gorakh hills covered in mist. Credits: Emran Mani

6. Gorakh: Seeking the thrill of a jeep ride up the mountains? Want to watch a breath-taking sunset out among the hills and enjoy an immersive stargazing experience in the “Murree of Sindh”? Then book a trip to Gorakh Hill Station— the highest point in Sindh— and camp underneath the stars on a wintry night.


Kund Malir beach: where the mountains meet the ocean. Credits: Emran Mani

7. Kund Malir: Standing tall in the plains of Balochistan are majestic rock formations carved out of the natural landscape over the years: the Great Sphinx and the resilient Princess of Hope. The surrounding Hingol National Park calls to be explored. The Kund Malir beach nearby, with its sparkling cerulean waters, beckons visitors to spend the night camping on its peaceful shore. Add to that a campsite bonfire as the Milky Way unfolds above and it makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

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