Thrift Markets in Pakistan

adventure   Aug 23, 2019

The word bazar comes from the Persian word bāzār which means ‘network of merchants, bankers and craftsmen’. This name was adopted by the people of Pakistan which became home to the most amazing markets providing all sorts of things from locally manufactured to imported goods.

These markets have existed for a long time and garnered a reputation for providing all sorts of products from locally manufactured to imported ones. These markets are a safe haven for someone who is running on a tight budget or needs a Harvard hoodie while spending their whole life in Karachi.

1. Zainab Market

Zainab Market is located in Saddar, the busiest street of Karachi. This area is already famous for catering to the needs of the middle class, however, imported rip offs, rejects and second-hand copies of branded products also bring in people from all classes.

Zainab Market teaches you the art of bargaining, it provides all kinds of products from clothing, footwear, shawls, jewelry, handicrafts etc.

Here at Zainab Market you find all kinds of people, it gives you a gist of what Karachi is like. 

2. Anarkali Bazaar

Anarkali Bazaar is located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, dating back atleast 200 years. The name Anarkali is adopted from a courtesan girl named Anarkali who was buried alive in the walls of the Lahore Fort by Emperor Akbar because he disapproved of the relationship her relationship with his son, Salim.

This bazaar helps you explore Punjab without actually exploring it, from selling its traditional food items to selling handcrafted items such as jhumkas and embroidery. This bazaar gives you a complete cultural experience.

3. Raja Bazaar

Raja Bazaar is the main commercial and shopping district located in the city of Rawalpindi. The urban structure of the bazaar constitutes of old buildings from the British era. The range covers a wide variety of small markets and bazaars like samosa bazaar, machli bazaar and other food items bazaar.

Besides food items the bazaar also sells used books, home cleaning supplies, school stationery and other accessories.

4. Qissa Khwani Bazaar

The Qissa Khwani Bazaar is located in KPK, Peshawar. The urban structure of this bazaar features traditional style architecture. This bazaar is famous because it was home to the families of famous actors such as Dilip Kumar who was born here in 1922 and Sharukh Khan’s paternal side of the family which lives here from before partition.

These old market places and bazaars have existed in Pakistan since a long time, featuring traditional style architecture and modern style. The commodities are from the modern era as well as traditional era giving its visitors a complete cultural experience.