Things you need at the beach

day trips   Feb 6, 2020

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi 

Going to the beach is often an activity that involves gathering a large number of friends or family. The idea is to have fun with as many people as possible. But have you ever reached the beach and regretted not bringing certain belongings of yours? 
Well, here’s a list that might help enhance your next beach experience. P.S if your aren’t the responsible sort, show the list to one of your buddies who love to take charge. 

Sunblock: No matter how cold it is, the sun will always be there to burn your skin. Hence, always keep a sunblock with you whenever you head to the beach. This way, you won’t have to hide in the shade of the hut.

Extra pair of clothes: Many a times, we think we won’t head into the water. But there is just something about the beach that pulls you in once you set your eyes upon it. Save yourself the trouble of driving back home in wet clothes by always carrying a spare set of garments to the beach. 

Towel: Though most of the beach huts have everything that you might need when you step out of the shower, there are times when there is no towel around. Also, if you are travelling with a large group of people, there are chances the towel will be super wet before you even get to take a bath. The solution: Carry your own towel with you. 

Shampoo: Ever stepped in the shower after a dive into the beach and wished you could wash out the sand with your favourite strawberry scented shampoo? Well, to save yourself from that regret, be sure to pack your shampoo bottle. 

Body wash and liquid soap: Some beach huts have soaps, some don’t. Others have soaps, but don’t have the scent you are accustomed to. Besides, do you really want to have a bath with a soap used by god knows how many people? On your next trip, definitely pack a body wash and a liquid soap. A bar will be tough to carry back home and you will end up leaving it there.

Moisturiser: Stepping into the water often causes the skin to become dry. But if you have a handy moisturiser on you, you will feel much at ease. 

Sunglasses and hats: If you are headed to the beach in the morning, these are accessories that you must keep with yourself at all costs. The sunglasses will help you see clearer when the sun is literally in your face, whereas the hat or cap will help protect your skin from burning. 

Wet tissues: Since the beach has sand flying all over the place, things often tend to get messy. This is why it is important to keep wet tissues with you.  Trust us, you will thank us for the wet tissues after you are done having Biryani and chicken tikka at the beach. 

Gum: Usually when we head to the beach, it is for at least five hours or so. During this time, you may find yourself craving for fresh gum. Save yourself the heartache and keep your favourite pack of gum with you at all times.

Speakers: The beach is no fun if you don’t have music keeping you in the mood. And yes, wearing headphones is not a good option because heading to the beach is really more about chilling with friends and family instead of sulking alone in a corner.

Energy drinks: All the eating, swimming and walking is sure to leave you tired in the first few hours at the beach. The solution is not to head home the minute you feel fatigued. Instead, chug down an energy drink and notice the change!

Snacks: Of course a proper lunch is arranged whenever people head to the beach, but what about the rest of the while you are there? Just the energy of the area will make you feel like munching on some chocolates and chips. No, don’t snatch the snacks from your kids!Instead of eating junk, we suggest you keep fruits and dry fruits with you. This will keep you full and won’t make you gain unwanted pounds either.