The perfect playlist for your road trip

adventure   Aug 15, 2019

I drive fast, wind in my hair, push it to the limits ’cause I just don’t care
You ask me where I’ve been?
I been everywhere
I don’t wanna be nowhere but here (Come on tell me boy)

So croons Lana Del Rey in Burning Desire. Music sets the tone for the road and these ten picks have been crowdsourced from Twitter for your listening pleasure. Line them up and then sing your way from stairway to heaven or highway to hell, whatever you fancy.

1. Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya

2. Resistance by Abdullah Siddiqui

3. Sweet Tides by Thievery Corporation

4. Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar by Strings

5. Style by Taylor Swift

6. Bonfire by Childish Gambino

7. Sleep Alone by Angus and Julia Stone

8. Los Angeles by The Midnight

9. Yesterday was Hard on All of Us

10. Manwa Re by Noori