The future of corporate team-building activities: PMI x Kickstart x FMA

corporate travel   Aug 12, 2020

Two groups from Philip Morris International took part in a DIY workstation activity where they were provided with basic kits from Kickstart at their doorsteps. They were then made to assemble the workstation with the help of their colleagues, in a unique and engaging team-building activity. The hour-long session which was moderated by a facilitator from FindMyAdventure was structured to build upon their communication skills while enforcing a healthy sense of competition. Along with this, by the end of the activity, they’d end up with a DIY workstation which can make working from home a more productive and comfortable experience.

In this session, some participants were emailed different sections of the instruction manual while the others went in blind. They needed to rely on instructions and feedback being provided over Microsoft Teams by their colleagues in order to build the workstation. They used interesting techniques to communicate with each other and by the end, it became a bit of a competition where everyone was determined to put together their workstation before the rest. In the end, each participant was really impressed with the build quality and structural integrity of their workstations. They were able to carry weight and provided a very stable, sturdy surface for them to work on.

As so many companies move to remote work models, and so many employees work from home, these kinds of sessions really go a long way. They provide employees with mental stimulation, allow for better team synergy, all while being an engaging and entertaining experience. Each participant enjoyed not just the session but what they produced as a result of it.

FMA’s DIY Workstation session is just one example of the kinds of experiences that companies can avail for their employees. Others include mindfulness sessions, virtual team-building activities, and more. Get in touch with our B2B team to learn more about the kinds of corporate team-building activities your company can avail.