The future of corporate team-building activities: Pakistan Cables x FMA

corporate travel   Jul 1, 2020

Twenty participants from Pakistan Cables joined Ramsha Ali, a certified yoga teacher, for one of FMA for Business’ online corporate team-building activities. She guided them on how to relieve muscle tension from being settled in makeshift workstations at home. She allowed them to uplift their spirits by releasing endorphins. And by using Tibetan singing bowls and meditation exercises, she demonstrated how they could ease the everyday stress that they experience within the current situation.

Online corporate team-building activities with Chair Yoga and Tibetan Bowls
Online corporate team-building activities with Chair Yoga and Tibetan Bowls

These kinds of sessions aren’t just important for teams anymore, now they’re necessary. Employee satisfaction and mental health have a direct correlation to professional performance. It is imperative that organizations today make an active effort to ensure better synergy and communication within and between different teams.

With most organizations shifting to remote models, and employees working from home, the pandemic has brought about a drastic shift in the way we conduct business. Relying entirely on digital communication, teams can sometimes struggle to maintain the kind of synergy that was previously being facilitated within physical workplaces. This entire process of learning, and relearning how we work can get exhausting. That’s why FindMyAdventure decided to bring its tried and tested corporate team-building activities online.

FMA’s Chair Yoga and Tibetan Bowls session is just one example of the kinds of experiences that companies can avail for their employees. Others include mindfulness sessions, virtual team-building activities, and more. Get in touch with our B2B team to learn more about the kinds of corporate team-building activities your company can avail.