The cultural Sindhi dishes you can make at home

culturefood   Mar 20, 2020

Globalisation has introduced us to thousands of cultures around the world, exposing us to the lifestyles of numerous nations. No wonder Pakistan is flooded with restaurants that offer Chinese, Lebanese, and Japanese cuisine.

However, the more we are getting exposed to foreign dishes, the more we are sidelining our desi cuisine. 

Fret not, we have a few dishes that will help you get close to your Sindhi roots. The best part is, these items can easily be cooked at home.  

Sai bhaji

A popular dish that is packed with vitamins, Sai Bhaji is not only delicious but easy to make too. All you need is spinach, eggplant, dal, some masalas, and a few other vegetables.

Photo courtesy: Watscooking

Sai bhaji can be consumed with rice or roti. If you are in a diet, add brown rice into the mix. 

Sindhi Biryani

Photo courtesy: TastyDen

Made with rice, masalas, vegetables, and the meat of your choice, Sindhi Biryani is a dish famous all over Pakistan for its spicy flavour. Why opt for biryani’s from restaurants when you can make the best one at home?

Aaloo tikki

Photo courtesy: Honest Cooking

Looking for a spicy snack? Don’t turn to that bag of chips on your table! Instead, head to the kitchen and create these yummy potato patties.
The method is simple, boil the potatoes, mash them, and add the required masalas.


Koki is a famous Sindhi flat-bread that goes with vegetables and meat dishes. In fact, it can even be had for breakfast!

To make one at home, you need flour, oil, chillies, coriander leaves, and onions.


The milk-based dessert is one that most of us have during Eid. Delicious and easy to make, Seviyan has been our go-to item, especially since everyone is quarantined at home due to the coronavirus crisis.

Photo courtesy: Love Laugh Mirch

All that is required is vermicelli (seviyan), milk, khoya, green cardamon, and some dry fruit items.