The best desi food places in Sindh

culture   Nov 28, 2019

Whenever people travel to a city, they tend to google the top-notch fancy restaurants of the area. But an expensive restaurant and the cuisine they offer are nowhere near the burst of flavour you will experience from a place offering desi delights.

Which is why we have made a food list of delicious yet budget-friendly items for all travellers out there. Here are the dishes you must try on your next visit to Sindh.


We have tried biryani from numerous places, but none are comparable to the biryani in Sindh. Sorry Punjab, you have great food to offer, but the biryani in Sindh is the best.

However, since biryani is the kind of dish that exists in almost every menu you set your eyes upon, we want to make sure you don’t eat this spicy rice from the wrong place. Here are few restaurants you can try whether you live in Sindh, or are a traveller from outside the city.

Madni biryani: Located in the Bufferzone, Karachi, this biryani is famous for its ethnic taste and perfect blend of masalas. But keep in mind, this place might not be perfect for a family to dine in at. Oh well, that’s what take away’s are for, aren’t they? Go ahead and get your hands on some yummy biryani starting 150 PKR.


Student biryani: With seven franchises located in different regions of Karachi, Student Biryani is one of the most famous brands in town. To be honest, its flavour reminds us of the spicy biryani often served at weddings. Let some nostalgia hit you and order away a regular biryani for 150 PKR.

The biryani is available in Bahadurabad, Defence, Saddar, Shara-e-Faisal and Gulshan-e-Iqbal.


Indus foods: For those staying in Defence during a visit to Karachi, Indus foods is the best option if you want biryani that will leave you craving for more. The seating area of the food joint is perfect for families too. The biryani from this place will cost you 180 PKR, but we would suggest you buy a family pack for 660 PKR.



The dish originated in Burma, and came to East India with Indians who migrated from Burma during World War II. Furthermore, during Partition, the Memon community brought this dish to Pakistan. Today, Khausa is one of urban Sindh’s favourite food delights. Not only is the tangy dish a fusion of different flavours, but it is also super spicy. Here are some places in Karachi that serve the best Khausa.

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Simple dimple: The khausa from Simple Dimple has become famous in a very short time span due to its special mix of spices and the addition of chilli slims. Located in Zamzama, this place serves the Memoni dish for 400 PKR.


Mirchili: Located in Badar commercial, this cute little restaurant has many yummilicious dishes to offer, but it’s their khausa that won our hearts. While this one might be too spicy for some, we suggest you still give it a shot. Just keep a soft drink nearby!

One serving of khausa from this joint costs around 395 PKR.


Spicogetti: Though this brand of khausa does not have a restaurant yet, it is easily available through order. The best part about the khausa here is that its gravy is a perfect fusion of flavours. Starting from 400 PKR, this place is one you shouldn’t miss out on.


Rabri, which is very popular in Indian subcontinent, is a heat-desiccated and sweetened whole milk product containing several layers of clotted cream. It is made by slowly evaporating the milk, without being stirred, at simmering temperature.

But why is it so famous? Because its unique ethnic flavour makes it a perfect dessert!

Haji Rabri: Haji Rabri in Hyderabad is almost 71-years-old and is recognised by visitors as the ‘identity’ of Hyderabad. Located at the Shahi Bazar, this place sells sada rabbri for 560 PKR, pista rabri for 600 PKR, and for those on a diet, a sugar free rabri is also available for 600 PKR.


Delhi Rabri House: This place is a celebrated rabri of Burns Road, Karachi. With different flavours of rabri starting from 190 PKR, this sweet delight is something you definitely must try.



Though cakes were brought into the Pakistan culture after colonisation, Pakistanis have given this sweet delight an ethnic twist. Here’s a bakery in Sindh that is known all over the country for its cakes.

Bombay Bakery: Located in Civil Lines, Hyderabad, Bombay Bakery is over 100 years old and it seems to be gaining more popularity every day! Times might have changed, but the flavour of the cakes produced by this brand stay the same.

The prices of these honey filled delights range from 300 PKR to 4000 PKR.


Bun kabab

A fusion of a sandwich and a burger, bun kababs are a signature street food of Sindh. Since they are sold mostly by roadside stalls and side street vendors, we suggest you either eat in the car, or take away the dish.

Ahmed bun kabab: This stall is located opposite Fresco at Burns Road, Karachi. Started in 1965, the small, yet successful stall is known for its delicious bun kababs and the exquisite chutney served with it. The best part, you will find a good meal within 200 PKR.


Tipu Burger: Located in Clifton, Karachi, Tipu Burger was established in 1993. Their bun kabab’s start from 70 PKR and are one of the yummiest things you will get your hands on in Karachi. They also have a seating area for those who want to eat the dish when its piping hot.


Ghaffar Bun Kabab: This mouthwatering street food is located in PIB colony and has numerous flavours of bun kababs that you can devour. Here too, you will find a meal within 200 PKR.