The best beaches of Karachi

adventure   Dec 16, 2019

Karachi might be a big city hustling and bustling with activity, but believe it or not, it has a peaceful side too. The beaches in the metropolitan are so serene that they have become a must visit spot for tourists and residents alike.

Need a weekend getaway? Just head to the beach. Need to de-stress? Dip your feet in the cold waves and relax.

However, since there are so many beaches in Karachi, picking the perfect one might be confusing for some. Here is a list of some of the best beaches of Karachi:

French beach

French Beach is by far one of the cleanest and coziest beaches in Karachi. Secluded and limited only to those who can get a hut within the beach, it is the perfect place for family trips, birthday parties etc.

Owing to the fact that its not open to the general public, the beach has managed to retain its marine life to a great extent. Hence, the place is a good option for activities like scuba diving, swimming, cruising, windsurfing, kayaking and surfing.

Con: It’s not easy to book a hut there without appropriate contacts.

Manora island

Manora island is located on the south of the Port of Karachi. Reaching it however, requires a short ferry ride from Kemari. Flooded with history, the island is home to a 19th century Hindu temple, a lighthouse and a beautiful beach.

Con: Swimming isn’t recommended due to the strong current.

Nathiagali beach

Nathiagali is a beach so beautiful that you will forget about the beaches in Thailand. Situated in a naval base, the exclusive coastline is a high security region and is restricted from the general public.  

Why should you make a special effort to go to this beach? Because it is really clean and has green water you would instantly want to swim in.

Con: You need contacts in the armed forces to be able to book a hut there.

Turtle beach

This sandy beach is a famous tourist spot and picnic place in Karachi. It is also known for the rare species of turtles that lay eggs in the region. Flooded with an option of huts of all types and sizes, this place is perfect for family and business gatherings.

Con: It gets overcrowded at times.

Tushan beach

Soft sand and glistening water is what Tushan beach is known for. Though the area where its located is not exclusive, Tushan has still managed to ward off the public and has visitors who are able to rent a hut there. Unlike Hawks Bay, Tushan beach is relatively clean and is good spot for family outings.

Con: The huts can be pricey.