The beautiful Botar Lake in Sindh

culturetravellers of pakistan   Feb 21, 2020

By Emmanuel Guddu

Sindh is a province is flooded with culture, history, traditions and a rich heritage. It is beautiful in every way one can imagine and has various fascinating sites that should be attracting visitors from all over the world.

Unfortunately, there are not many individuals who focus on promoting the beauty or culture of Sindh – a task that has become my life’s mission. As I was growing up, I always wondered why Sindh wasn’t reigning the news for all the exquisiteness it has to offer – till one day I decided to go ahead and take the duty upon myself instead of relying on others.

Since that day, I have been exploring Sindh and travelling all over the region in order to obtain stories of the province.

A famous spot of Sindh I would like to introduce everyone to is Botar Lake – a jheel that is 7km long and 1.5 km in wide. Located in the White Desert, Thar, the lake is an ethereal site that is visited by locals who are looking to relax and have some fun. The place however, is not famous among tourists.

But oh, what a huge mistake people are making depriving themselves of such a striking sight. The jheel is swamped with lilies that are rooted in the water. While in the winter, only the leaves of the lilies are visible, flowers begin to bloom in spring time.

Botar lakes is just one of the 200 plus lakes found in the White Desert area. The list of stunning lakes also includes salt lakes.