Swaik Lake: All you need to know about it!

adventurecampingtrekking   Jan 21, 2021

Located at a distance of about 10.8 kilometers from Kallar kahar and 30 kilometer away from Chakwal in the southwest, Swaik Lake is a hidden piece of heaven offering a stunning experience to visitors. While it might not be as famous as its counterpart in swat “mahodand lake”, it is definitely a very accessible option for the people of twin cities. 

No one would really have an idea what a marvelous sight is hidden in the mountainous terrain of potohar in the southwest of chakwal.

It is a natural lake which is being supplied through a stunning 100 feet waterfall covered up with astounding rocks, cliffs and mountains. Its crystal clear water and serene atmosphere offers the adventure lovers just the right mix of thrill with ease of access.It is only a 30 minutes drive from M2 Lahore motorway and 15 minutes from Kallar Kahar. 

What makes Swaik Lake so famous?

There are a few reasons which make swaik lake more famous than any other water reservoirs in the surroundings. The first is because of its crystal clear water which is very unlikely to be found in this region. The area around it is very mountainous and has lots of water springs and streams but none comes even close to Swaik lake.

The second is the mystic appearance of this lake. One moment you are driving through the dusty roads that branch off kalar kahar and the next moment you are in the middle of a cool and serene environment that attracts enthusiasts from all over the country. If you are fortunate enough to reach swaik lake when it is only you, you will experience a deep level of mysticism in the air fueled by the voice of waterfall battering against the rocks. 

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Things to do in Swaik Lake: 

Being one of the magnificent alternatives to Neela Wahn, a sister waterfall lake in Chakwal too, swaik lake is the premium spot for families to spend and enjoy their vacations. It offers many thrilling activities like diving, swimming, camping and a whole new level of trekking experience if you are up for it. All you need is to get a vehicle or rent one, and set foot for a wonderful adventure that awaits you!

Trekking at Swaik Lake: 

If you are someone who is into treks that get tougher as you move on, Swaik lake is the one for you. The trekking starts with a very easy to hike trail which is pretty wide for the first 15 minutes, eventually getting narrower as you progress. Once you reach an elevation, you will have to descend into the valley which surrounds the lake. 

It gets a bit tricky here since the path is very narrow and steep so you better not lose your footing! This is why we recommend you to take some good friends along to help you out. 

After a descent of about 35 minutes you will come to the astounding place we call Swaik Lake.

Swimming in Swaik Lake: 

As we discussed earlier, Swaik Lake is one of the most crystal clear lakes in Pakistan which makes swimming even more fun. Once you dive into the cold water, you will have a good view of all the waterlife while you enjoy splashing your siblings! Don’t worry if you are not as good of a swimmer. You can easily get life jackets and enjoy the same as everyone else. 

Diving in Swaik Lake: 

When we mentioned the descent, you must have thought if there are any good spots to dive from. Well, there are plenty of them and you can enjoy all of them depending on how confident you are in your diving abilities. 

There is one at a height of over 30 feet which gives you just over a second of a free fall time in the cold breeze. It is definitely one of the kind which you can’t get anywhere else.

Camping at Swaik Lake: 

Since it is a family destination, it attracts tourists with its cascading waterfall and peaceful peaceful environment which makes it the perfect spot for camping. You can also find a lot of guides in the area which can help you and your family get to the lake safely while guiding you about the surroundings. You can also set camp right next to the lake and enjoy camping overnight. Teenagers are certainly very much attracted to the idea of having a BBQ party at night with dumb charades!

Now we have told you everything you need to know about Swaik Lake! It is now upto to you to pack your bags and leave! 

If you want us to plan it for you, we have already set up a tour for you!