Staycations for Eid to go on that will only take 24 hours!

adventure   Aug 9, 2019

While the prospect of a long weekend of sheer khurma, new clothes and family time is always exciting, by day three the fun starts to wear off a bit. You have made endless cups of tea, have washed many plates and sneaked bites of samosay after the guests have left. In moments like these a getaway, even if for just a day is exactly what the mind needs to reset. We have found the best day trips for you to book now at a steal!

1. Play tomb raider at Makli and Chowkandi

Alright fine, don’t be a grave robber but do take a closer look at the intricate carvings in the tombs at Makli. Check out the Bhambhore Museum, the majestic Shah Jehan Mosque and the Chowkandi tombs. Shop for bangles and embroidered treasures made by the craftsmen of Hala. You will be back in Karachi by night time, rejuvenated for another day.

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2. Reach new heights at Mushkpuri

When you live in Islamabad and surrounding areas, adventure is always a car ride away. Book this trek to Mushkpuri – a 2800 meter high mountain in Nathiagali Hills, in the Abbottabad District of KP. Don’t worry the hike is just one hour 15 minutes so you will work up quiet an appetite. Enjoy the sights of the hills and breathe in the air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

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3. Embrace the beauty of Nankana Sahib

This Sikh temple is a pilgrimage site for the Sikh community and in 2019, many were granted visas to visit India for their festivasl. In the off season, you can take the drive and revel in its beauty. The trip has sports activities and a walk around the resort also built in so there is plenty for everyone to do. Enjoy the barbeque and this tour into when the Sub Continent was united by sacred history.
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