Solo Travel: Putting Yourself in Charge of Your Travel Experience

adventureday tripslife as we know it   Apr 30, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

Travelling is an experience felt differently by every individual. There is no dictionary or a set definition that can describe what makes up the perfect travel event since it is something that is done differently and felt uniquely by every individual. Some may like to go as a big group with friends while others may prefer to travel alone, finding and meeting strangers along the way, forming new friendships, and getting familiar with the destination at their own pace, without the need for strict scheduling. Where this might be one way of it, others may find the act of organizing and planning the trip beforehand, exciting because while the experience of traveling itself is special, it is also the prepping period that can prove to be exhilarating for many. 

Traveling solo might not be a preferred choice for some, but it is an experience best felt when actually carried out on your own. When it comes to solo traveling, it is tailored to your needs and wishes. You have the liberty to change your travel course, to rest up when in the mood for it or double it up by covering more locations than planned. You have the option to make mistakes which can become a disadvantage when traveling with a group whereas your achievements are your own to celebrate and cherish, whether big or small. When you travel solo, you don’t have to worry about whether your friend would like to take the trekking route or force you to hop in the car with them to reach the destination, or if your partner would bail out on your trip to your favorite art museum, suggesting a ‘better way’ to spend the day. 

Solo traveling puts you out there. With no one to rely on but yourself, there are more chances of you interacting and meeting the locals of the place you are at. Be it when you have to order food, or converse with someone during a long bus ride, you are forced to turn to the locals, with no one else to depend on. A solo traveller is also more approachable since when you are with somebody, others don’t want to impose themselves on you and thus avoid an interaction all together. 

Solo traveling puts you in charge; of the good and the bad decisions. They are yours to make and to learn from, to go all out, or just take a chill night in, you are just responsible for your own fun and an amazing and memorable experience.