Socially Distant Vacation Ideas

adventurecampingday tripstrekking   Jun 2, 2021

by Amna Tanveer Khan

Covid-19 is still very much dominant in our lives and while the vaccination period has started all over the globe, it is still a better precautionary measure to practice social distancing or adopting vacation ideas that minimize our interaction with other people. For traveling in times of covid, instead of taking group trips, why not vacation with people with whom you have already quarantined to avoid the risk of infection amongst each other and enjoy the socially distant vacations fully. Here are some trip ideas you can use if you are looking to travel right now or planning to book for the future. 

Visit National Parks

Explore the national parks of the country including the very famous Hingol National Park, known as the biggest in the country and located at only a distance of 190 km from Karachi.  Hingol National park holds an abundance of rare and wildlife species, unique mud volcanoes, jagged rock formations and its proximity to the beautiful beach makes it a place unlike any other in the country. Up north, there are various options in the form of Chitral Gol National Park, which is surrounded by high Hindukush peaks and is a habitat of various wildlife like Kashmir Markhor, Ibex, Snow Leopard, and others. In Islamabad, Margalla Hills National Park is famous for its location at the foothills of the Himalayan range. The topography is rugged, with numerous valleys and many steep slopes. The park is the most accessible park in Pakistan and is open throughout the year. 

Hingol National Park
Chitral Gol National Park


A camping trip is one of the best socially distant trip ideas for budget-conscious travelers in these challenging economic times. Camp at Ormara beach, as you hear the sounds of the waves crashing and lay under the starry sky with friends or family. If you prefer the cold, various camping sites in Northern Pakistan are there to serve you. Pir Chinasi in Azad Kashmir is the perfect place, surrounded by majestic mountains and the clouds coming down to greet you. The ideal camping time is from June to September. 


If you feel wary of camping but still want to enjoy the experience, glamping is the way to go. Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. You can experience the best of the great outdoors without having to go without any electricity or Wi-Fi. In the Katpana desert in Skardu, spacious tents are located to provide a luxury camping experience surrounded by the Skardu Valley of Pakistan. The accommodation boasts comfortable beds, an ensuite bathroom, and free Wi-Fi together with the majestic panoramic views of the vast mountains and desert.

Covid-19 travel restrictions and requirements continue to limit where travelers can go and what they can experience but as we take on these ideas, let’s remember to follow the SOPs wherever we are, so that we can hope for a future where we can enjoy everything without the threat of Covid-19 lurking over our heads. 

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