Simple yet delicious Sindhi dishes you must try now!

culture   Nov 27, 2019

As the historian Massimo Montanari stated, “Food is culture.” 

This is because the traditions, climate and social structure of each region decides the food consumed by the people living there. Hence, it’s not a surprise each province in Pakistan has different cuisines to offer.  

And we all know what Sindh is popular for – spicy food cooked in a fusion of masalas. Here are a few dishes you can create easily from the comfort of your kitchen.

Chaap chole

Chaap chole basically includes a potato cutlet with filling, served with chickpeas (chole). Also known as a prominent street food, this dish is not as simple as it sounds. 

The chaap (cutlet) is made out of mashed potatoes, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt. The chole on the other hand, are boiled in tomato, onions and red chilli. After the ingredients are prepared, the chaap is placed on the bottom of the plate and the chole with masala are poured on top. 

Isn’t your mouth watering by just reading the description? Well, here’s a tip to make this dish yummier – add a chatni of imli on the side. 


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Koki is supposed to be like a roti or paratha since it is eaten with dal or some sabzi. However, don’t mistake it for the typical roti since this flatbread of delight includes green chillies, coriander and a few other delicious ingredients. 

Once all the ingredients are combined with whole wheat, the food item is fried and served with the dish of your choice.

Though koki is more of a breakfast dish, it can also be consumed in the afternoon or for dinner. And guess what, it’s completely nutritious. 

Taryal Patata

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This is one of the simplest dishes you can make since it’s basically just fried potatoes. But how is this any different from French fries? Well, the magical flavour comes in during preparation of the dish when green chillies, turmeric, garam masala and other spicy local ingredients are added to the pan. 

Easy peasy, isn’t it? No wonder it’s a staple dish of Sindh. 

Add taryal patatas as a side dish to your meal, or simply have them as a snack. Either way, they are guaranteed to spice up your life.

Sindhi Biryani 

By far the most popular dish of the region, Sindhi biryani is a feather in the province’s cap. This extremely spicy form of rice can be made with chicken or beef.

While time consuming to create since the rice and meat have to be cooked separately, biryani is known for its unique flavour of garam masala and chillies. 

Wondering why biryani is a special Sindhi cuisine while it’s served all over the country? Well, go ahead and try the biryani in Punjab and you will know what we are talking about. 

Sai bhaji chawal

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Sai bhaji chawal is a vegetarian curry dish served with rice. It’s one of the healthiest dishes you can have since the dal, palak and other vegetables in the curry make it a high protein packed meal. 
And of course, since it’s Sindhi cuisine, it’s obviously layered with masalas and fiery spices. If you are on a diet, get this dish made in olive oil and you are good to go.