Safe travel and SOPs amidst COVID-19

adventure   Jan 19, 2021

by Wahei Asad

Traveling within Pakistan was never an easy task. And then COVID-19 hit the world and left us more uncertain than ever. It has not only changed our everyday interactions and lifestyle but has also majorly impacted our travel plans for a long time to come. To prevent the spread of the virus and jumpstart tourism after a 5 month lockdown, the government of Pakistan issued standard SOPs like: 

  1. Don’t travel if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 
  2. Temperature checks at Entrances of all public places  
  3. Wear masks in all public places 
  4. Sanitise hands after every 20 minutes in a public place 
  5. Wash hands properly after every hour 
  6. Maintain 1 meter distance from all people
  7. Disinfect indoors with disinfectants containing at least 70% alcohol 

A blatant violation of SOPs has been noticed and people struggle to follow SOPs for the following reasons: 

People don’t know how to wear a mask.

Several people choose not to wear masks because the weather is too hot and humid to wear one

Corona is the result of a  “saazish” (conspiracy) to stop people from stepping out of their homes  

Sanitisers don’t kill germs. How can a gel remove germs from my hands by absorbing the germs? Is this another way of looting us and creating money empires?

Pakistanis confuse disinfectants with Phenyl and spray the thing all over their floors and door handles. The smell is so sharp and pungent it could kill not only germs but also humans. What an effective way to wipe out the root of all problems! 

While Pakistan has a success rate in defeating COVID we need to remember the people who lost their lives in this pandemic and continue following SOPs. We know wearing a mask is hard in this heat but not all heroes wear capes, in 2021 they wear masks!