Punjabi sweet delights we can't get enough of!

culture   Nov 29, 2019

Punjab is known for two things, its architectural heritage and its scrumptious food. Let’s face it guys, you can’t stop eating whenever you visit the province can you?

Here’s how we can make your next visit better – make sure you get your hands on the following food items.


Pakistani dramas and Bollywood flicks often mention lassi whenever the storyline includes a Punjab. This is because the traditional yogurt-based drink is the pride of the Punjabi culture. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this beverage made its way to Pakistan with the Partition and is literally one of the best consumable items created by mankind.

Feeling hot? Have a chilling lassi to cool yourself down. Had a spicy aaloo ka paratha? Sip away on the cool lassi to soothe the tongue. Want a snack? Don’t bother cooking, just churn up a filling lassi in your kitchen. Yes, this multi-purpose sweet delight is a savior no matter what mood you are in.

The best part about this beverage – it can be created in different variations. A lassi can be sweet, salty or spicy; the flavour you order is completely dependent on your mood. Often fruit and mint is added to the drink.

Doodh soda

One of the most interesting and modern sweet drinks created in Punjab is doodh soda. It is basically the new generation version of a lassi where a soft drink or Rooh Afza is added to ice and milk.

Photo source: DailyJiddat

Sounds odd doesn’t it? Well, you are in for a surprise as this chilly drink has rave reviews and people all over Punjab are obsessed with it. The latest version of this creamy drink has been fused with Pakola to create a green treat to die for.

Dodha barfi

Dodha barfi is another feather in Punjab’s cap. This sweet too, was created in India and became a part of Pakistan’s Punjabi culture after the Partition. One bite of this purely desi mithai and you will forget all the cupcakes you have ever eaten. Made with milk, heavy cream, sugar, nuts and loads of ghee, this barfi is a burst of exquisite flavours – and a perfect dessert especially in the winter.

Most importantly, this dish can be served to your guests at weddings and dinners. But we must warn you, only Punjab has managed to master the flavour of this mithai.


Photo source: yummly.com

Nankhatai is the desi version of biscuits. Though this sweet treat is popular all over Pakistan, the flavour of nankhatai in Punjab is still what we crave for. 

Why is this desi biscuit different from its western counterparts? Because it’s ingredients includes nutmeg powder, cinnamon, curd and pistachio. 

Sohan Halwa

Multan is famous for many things, and Sohan halwa is one of them! Though this form of mithai can be traced back to the Mughal era, it is said to be introduced in Multan by a Hindu confectioner called Sohan. 

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According to folklore, Sohan purchased some milk for the sweets he was making. Realising it had gone stale, he decided to experiment with it – voila, Sohan halwa was created.

This sweet delight is different from other mithais since it includes almonds, pistachios and cardamom seeds.