Pakistan's “Glow in the Dark Beaches”

adventure   Sep 20, 2019

A new discovery concerning the beaches of Balochistan along the Makran Coast have people believing in a heaven on Earth. The glow-in-the-dark beach refers to the shimmering blue water that sparkles in the moonlight depicting a scene straight out of a fantasy. Of course, much like everything else, there is a science behind this phenomenon, but to experience this beauty, this heavenly view, is an experience that feeds the soul, reconnects one to the brilliance and mystery of Mother nature.

Bioluminescent beaches have sparkling water, which is the result of the natural phenomenon of algae or plankton. This creates a mystical blue glow over the water surface. Those who have been to these have reported that movements made in the water cause it to glow more- throwing a pebble, splashing or even walking would create this magical trail of beauty.

Most of Pakistan’s coastline is in Balochistan, and a major part of it is still untouched and unexplored. The beaches of Balochistan are famous for their scenic views, cool waters and magnificent beauty. With the discovery of certain glowing beaches along this coast, it has become number one on our list of places to travel to.

Sapat Beach, which remained undiscovered up till 2017, has its own occurrence of these ‘fireflies of the sea’. This phenomenon that takes place in Pakistan highlights the country’s natural beauty and the notion that to look for beauty in unexpected places is to find beauty in all places.

Bhit Khori is another beach where people have seen this magic taking place.

There is no fixed date to find this glowing water- much like the rest of nature it is surrounded by mystery and unpredictability. You are most likely to see the bioluminescent glow when the sea is at its greenest, when there is an absent moon or on cloudy nights.

Source: Saud Siddiqi @ Sapat Beach Via:

These magical places in Pakistan, and all around the world, call out to nature lovers so that they can bask in the magnificence of the world we have been given. It is always a gamble to increase tourism in such places given the harmful impact humans leave on nature, which is why nature lovers and social media campaigners are spreading awareness about eco-friendly tourism.