Pakistani travel movies to help you keep calm

life as we know it   Mar 26, 2020

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi

Quarantine and self-isolation is tough! And one of the worst aspects of it includes travel lovers missing out on some great scenic locations all over Pakistan. The mountain air, trekking to the glaciers, the beautiful lakes… yes, we miss them all dearly! 

But what can we do to satisfy our travelling needs when we can’t actually travel? The answer: watch movies that feature some of our favourite travel destinations!

Here are five Pakistani movies that you must watch if you miss travelling. 

Balu Mahi

Shot in Lahore, Chitral and Hunza, the film gives you a glorious view of some of the greatest sights in Pakistan!

If you remember the fancy trailers of the film, you will immediately think of the glamarous shots of songs like ‘Rang de chunar’. But did you know the song was shot in old Lahore? If the exquisite Mughal architecture is not enough to get you excited, wait for the glorious Attabad lake shots and the Polo Festival in the second half of the film. 

Chalay thay saath

Chalay thay saath is not just a film about friends and love. It is also about exploring the wonderful regions in Hunza. With great scenic shots of some of the best places in the region, watching Chalay thay Saath will transport you to the land of the mountains.

The movie also has some historic value as it looks into how the stunning Attabad lake was formed after a natural disaster that ruined many lives occurred. 

Karachi se Lahore 

This film is literally about a road trip made from Karachi to Lahore – an adventure many of us have embarked upon at least once in our lives.

Strenuous yet fun, road trips are an ultimate travel experience that not only build friendships, but also give one a different perspective of life. Hence, this  movie is a must watch if you prefer road travel over anything else. 

Ramchand Pakistani

Shot near Nagarparkar in Sindh, the film will give you a glimpse of life outside the typical noisy city life. While the south of Pakistan is not green and mountainous like the north, it has several beautiful regions that are sure to leave you in awe. 

If not for the scenery, watch this film for its heart-wrenching plot. 


Revolving around the railway system in Balochistan, Moor is recognised as one of the greatest films in Pakistan. Not only does it have an interesting plot, but it also manages to put forward the beauty of Balochistan.

Never been to Balochistan? Watch this film and plan out a trip for yourself whenever the world is cured of COVID-19.