Pakistani Female travelers who dared to travel alone!

adventure   Mar 10, 2020

For a country that is often associated with a lack of female empowerment, mobility and a strong confinement of women to specific spaces, there are a number of local female travelers that have managed to break the stereotypes and social taboos.

Here are some of our local ladies that have dared to travel solo through Pakistan, and have gained a great following through this!



For Zenith Irfan, it became a mission to fulfill her late father’s legacy- his wish to travel Pakistan on a bike and see everything!

20-year-old Imran set out on a motorbike, something that is incredibly rare for a woman even in the city, to travel along the Kashmir belt. Her goal was simple- ride, explore, record– but it achieved much more- the breaking of social stigmas attached to young women who set their hearts on dreams that lay outside the realm of acceptability. She travelled for 6 days and claimed to face no resistance or set backs on her way. Her story is truly inspiring and has made the possibility of travel much more accessible for other women!



Before Samina Baig, women doing mountaineering was unheard of. Baig (28) shatters goals, as well as stereotypes and the thought that some endeavors are only for men. In the past 5 years Baig has achieved more than most people can dream of; in 2013 she became the youngest Muslim woman to summit Mount Everest and she is the only Pakistani woman to have scaled seven summits in seven different continents. With the perception that mountaineering is a mostly male dominated sport, Baig hopes to encourage young girls all across the country with her story and her achievements

Guliafshan Tariq


Bending the boundaries of patriarchy is 24-year-old Guliafshan Tariq who ventured out on a motorbike to tour Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan. A software engineer by profession, Tariq hoped to explore the rich culture of these regions, and to show the world how peaceful and beautiful they are. Braving the rough, rugged roads of the area, Tariq travelled 3,000 km on her motorbike alone. Her records of the travels show the hospitality of the local people and the power behind determination.



Huma Tariq is a solo female traveller who frequents travels and explores the northern regions of Pakistan. She started her instagram handle (thenorthdrive) so that other women too can be inspired to leave their comfort zones and see the beauty of Pakistan for themselves. Her posts highlight the warmth of the people she meets, the breathtaking scenes she witnesses and the adventures she embarks on.

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