Pakistani dramas to binge watch during the lockdown

culturelife as we know it   Mar 24, 2020

By Fatima Shaheen Niazi

Let’s face it, we are not going anywhere for the next few days! Life during the global COVID-19 epidemic consists of sitting at home and figuring out ways to kill time.

But instead of getting sick of the self-isolation, we suggest you watch some fun Pakistani drama serials to keep yourself occupied.

Yes, we know you are busy watching shows like the ‘Money Heist’, but trust us, nothing can have you more hooked than a serial that reflects your culture!

Here are our top picks for the Pakistani TV shows you must binge watch!


Believe it or not, I had not seen this hit serial during the time it was on air. In fact, I saw it a few months back on Netflix… and my oh my, what a spicy show it was! Full of romance, family politics, unrequited love and interesting twists, this serial will keep you on the edge till you reach the last episode.

Also, it’s the perfect show for those who are smitten by Mahira and Fawad Khan’s looks.


With a great star cast that includes Hania Aamir, Naimal Khawar, and Shahzad Sheikh, the serial that was launched on Hum TV in 2019 became an instant hit. This is mostly because of the rebellious character of Daneen (Hania Aamir).

Here’s a short synopsis: The characters played by Hania and Shahzad Sheikh are cousins who fall in love. However, Hania is seen as the ‘bad girl’ of the overly-conservative family since she has a mind of her own and refuses to listen to anyone.

Packed with girl power, love, heartbreak and of course, family politics, you can easily stream this serial on You! tube.


A twisted love story of Khaani (Sana Javed) and Hadi (Feroz Khan), the show revolves around the obsession sometimes men have with good looking women.

So basically, Hadi murders Khaani’s twin brother, but falls in love with her after he is arrested for the crime and taken to court. When he is released, he contacts Khaani as a secret admirer and wins her over.

However, when she finds out the truth, she tries her best to get rid of the bratty stalker boy. Will Khaani be free of Hadi or will she end up marrying a murderer? Tune into Netflix to find out.

Zindagi gulzaar hai

Based on a novel, Zindagi Gulzar Hai is seen as one of the best Pakistani dramas to be ever created. Starring Fawad Khan (Zaroon) and Sanam Saeed (Shafaq), the serial is based around the problems faced by people of different classes.

In the show, Shafaq belongs to the middle-class, whereas Zaroon is quite wealthy. Also, what’s unique about this serial is that Shafaq is not the typical sort of girl who wants to fall in love and get married.

Instead, she is focused on her career and tries her best to excel in her line of work. Will Zaroon be able to win over such a strong-headed lady? The journey of their love story is one that must be seen! 

Sadqay tumhare

Starring the two very good looking individuals Mahira Khan and Adnan Malik, the show is set in the 80’s. Revolving around the story of two cousins whose marriage is decided in their childhood, the drama focuses on the problems faced by such people when they grow up.

Discussing the reality of the Pakistani society, the serial may make you angry if you a firm believer of love marriages.