Pakistan Gears Up to Welcome the Cherry Blossom Season

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by Amna Tanveer Khan

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The flowers bloom beautifully, fresh winds pick up, the animals come out of hibernation and the earth rejoices. The cherry blossom season brings the onset of travel activities in Northern Pakistan because now the chilliness starts to subside, taken over by that slight warmness, with the sun shining brightly in the sky.

Photo Credits: @safar_namaa_

In Pakistan, Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu and Swat are popular budding spots for the cherry blossom trees, attracting thousands of local and foreign tourists alike. The starting point is usually around the end of March which goes on till mid-April and that gives people the opportunity to book in advance so they don’t miss out on this beautiful spring display. The reason why cherry blossoms instill in people a calming and joyful feeling is because the petals and the colors echo people’s ideal concept of peace and purity. Other trees like apricot, apple and pears also start growing and this, together with the green-carpeted fields make up for brilliant scenery.

Gilgit is among the favorite tourist destinations for travelers but for those who cherish happy, vibrant vibes and colorful fields, this is the season. Khaplu valley, Ghizer valley, Nomal valley are few of the places in Gilgit which are blanketed with the swaying and the fallen pink leaves. In Swat, the pink flowers from the cherry blossom trees embellish the beauty of the place with its boisterous rivers, magnificent waterfalls, wide-stretching pine forests and flower-laden mountains. Skardu offers identical breathtaking views with it being an embodiment of beauty, tranquility and wilderness.

The cat is all ready to welcome you (Photo Credits: @saqib_arsal)

Cherry blossom in itself embodies a sense of happiness. You look at the pictures and you feel that bubbling joy and the growing desire to witness it in person. Under the clear sky, as the pink petals gradually fall, have your Disney moment and treasure it forever. 

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