Packing Light: Tips On How It's Done

adventure   Nov 3, 2020

by Usama Khan

So you’ve finally decided to go on a trip that you’ve been planning on since the 8th grade with your friends or family? If so, I can totally relate. It’s good that you’re done with the hardest part, you can leave the rest to us.

You’re here probably because you’re wondering how to pack light. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Follow the light packing tips mentioned below to avoid the struggles a heavy luggage brings with itself.

Wear The Heavy Item On The Journey

Okay, so you want to have a photoshoot in your favorite leather jacket in the middle of those spectacular mountains? But you also don’t want the jacket to contribute to the weight of your bag? The best solution is to make it a part of your travel outfit. A win-win, No?

Avoid Extra Clothes

I hope you aren’t that “Just In Case” type of person because I was. And I totally regret it. I once packed three sweaters, four jackets, three pair of sneakers, and a bunch of other unnecessary stuff. All because I thought I might need them just in case the other one gets dirty, or I fall in mud, or I somehow damage them, or a bunch of other almost impossible scenarios that I could think of. Absolutely bizarre!

Focus On Essentials

A few essential items are all you need for your trip. And someone like me, who travels a lot, will tell you exactly what they are. A pair of light weight shoes, socks, a jacket, two pairs of jeans, undergarments, and t-shirts (depending on the days of your trip) will work just fine. Apart from clothing, you need a shampoo, a soap, your toothbrush, a toothpaste, and other everyday items that you use. Some of the hotels have poor quality shampoos and soaps so it’s important that you take yours with you. No one wants to ruin their hair or skin, do they?

Final Thoughts

A trip with friends or family is an escape from the hectic everyday routine. Hence, it is important that you enjoy every second of it. Don’t think too much, follow the above mentioned tips for light packing and have a great time!