Mohenjo-Daro: Pakistan's own Relic

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by Amna Tanveer Khan

Sindh is a land of wonderful archaeological heritage sites and Mohenjo Daro is a name that needs no introduction owing to its rich history and culture. Located west of the Indus River in Larkana District, Sindh; Mohenjo Daro was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in 1980. The name translates to a group of mounds and ruins that holds some of the greatest remnants of the Indus Civilization, discovered after the adjacent Harappa Civilization.

The skill level of the inhabitants is visible through the intricate and well-structured grid and drainage system found in the city that is still talked about. As per the experts, although there is no proper architectural relic in terms of palaces or temples, one thing that is noted is the strong preference for order and cleanliness. The latter is reiterated through the presence of a bathing area in nearly most of the houses, in a time where this was not a common sight. The Great Bath, a structure that lies atop the dirt mound, sealed by baked brick walls is the only monument resembling a temple. 

In a time of the monarchy, Mohenjo Daro stood out to history experts for displaying signs of a modern governing system, known to many as democracy. This is one reason why historians are deeply invested in exploring more about the great city and its inhabitants. An idea of the city’s wealth can be predicted from valuable assets like gold beads, ivory, lapis, and others.

We have read about Mohenjo Daro our history books, been mesmerized by the miniature statues of ‘The Dancing Girl’ and ‘The Priest King’ because of the lasting impression it left and in a hidden place in our heart, have always harbored the desire to visit it in person; to witness it first hand, all that we studied years go and that led to the gradual increase in Mohenjo Daro becoming a hot tourist spot. With it being a landmark of history, many people especially those who are invested in knowing not only about the land on a surface level but discovering the details and intricacies of the said place, it becomes a treasure pot. To fully experience the historical city, it is best to have a travel guide with you. Tour guides not only relay the informative facts about the place you are visiting, but rather create an experience tailored specifically for you.  

Travel is essential, and yes visiting the mountains or the wide-stretching beaches is the popular choice but in a different prospect, why not take a walk down the cobbled streets, witness the mounds and ruins with your own eyes and feel the history of the land speaking for itself.  

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