Mahodand Lake: Everything you need to know!

adventure   Jan 25, 2021

Pakistan is full of beautiful lakes, some better known than others. Often located in remote locations and inaccessible areas, the beauty of some locations goes unnoticed. Mahodand Lake is just one of Pakistan’s best kept secrets. Apart from this lakes like Swaik Lake and or Kundol Lake (also known as Kundol Dand) are also becoming popular spots for tourists to visit. But these are just two or three of many such lakes. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Mahodand Lake.

Where is Mahodand Lake?

In between the glacial alpine hills in Kalam Valley’s upper gorge, the Mahodand Lake is emerging as a tourist hotspot. Nature enthusiasts are flocking to it from across the country since the track was opened for transportation. It’s located in the Ushu Matiltan Valley which is roughly 40 kilometres above Kalam.

You have to make an effort to get there. But the trip in a 4×4 jeep is totally worth it. Mahodand Lake is situated in the Hindu Kush range of mountains at an elevation of 9,400 feet (2,850 metres) and spreads over two kilometres by length approximately. It takes around three hours to cover a distance of 35 to 40 kilometres from Kalam to the lake.

How to get to Mahodand Lake?

Starting your journey early in the morning by road in a jeep, you’ll cross Kalam Forest and arrive at your first stopover in Usho. On your way you’ll cross nomads and with their herds, arrive at Matiltan and then stop at Mahi Banal, one of the most scenic places on your route. The perfect spot to take a few (dozen) pictures!

After another half hour, you’ll find yourself at the Mighty 22 Falls, which is another very popular tourist destination. In the summer, these falls turn into a gorgeous sight which you’ll remember forever. Your route will be lined with tourist shops and different sellers, so you won’t have to worry about getting a bite to eat or a chilled soft drink on your way there. You’ll then arrive at Chashma-e-Shifa which is believed by locals to have water that can cure any disease. Make sure to soak in the beauty of this area while you’re there.

Mount Falak Ser is the next stop on your route. It’s the highest mountain in the Swat Valley and only 15 to 20 minutes away from Mahodand Lake so stopping there is an absolute must if you’re visiting the lake.

Things to do in Mahodand Lake

The emerald green lake is known for its freezing water and abundance of trout fish. Apart from this, it also boasts multiple small waterfalls which tourists can visit. Lush sceneries, meadows, and scattered clumps of cedar trees and pine trees add to the view. In the distance you can see gorgeous snow-capped peaks. Pink and yellow flowers also add to the beauty of the location.

How is Mahodand Lake weather?

During winter access to the lake is limited because it’s covered by heavy snow. It also has a high risk of avalanches within the region, with snow expected even within the summer. That’s why the lake is mostly accessible only during the summer season and this automatically becomes the best time to visit this location.

Camping in Mahodand Lake

It is said to be a paradise for thrill seekers and lovers of nature. Tourists from all over the country speak volumes of its lush greenery and spectacular views. Owing to its remote location, no proper hotels or buildings are in the vicinity. In order to make up for this, local residents from the valley have installed tents and camps to facilitate tourists. Horse rides and boat rides are also easily available at the lake.

Tours to Mahodand Lake

Many people are looking to visit this beautiful location but are unable to. According to local store owners, they always find people amazed at the lack of popularity these kinds of locations have in mainstream media. It could be because of the access, as only people with 4×4 vehicles can reach the location. If the government were to construct proper roads in this location, it could one day become a tourist hub.

But until then, you have us to plan your trip for you. If you want to visit Mahodand Lake, let us know and we’ll plan the perfect tour for you.

Note: On a ten-minute walk above Mahodand Lake, there is another beautiful, but smaller lake known as the Saifullah Lake. Your next destination, maybe?