Kund Malir Beach: Your Perfect Weekend Getaway

adventurevacation   Dec 18, 2018

Standing tall in the plains of Balochistan are majestic rock formations carved out of the natural landscape over the years: the Great Sphinx and the resilient Princess of Hope.

The surrounding Hingol National Park, one of the largest national parks of Pakistan, calls to be explored. It’s a fascinating landscape of forest-like vegetation at one end and arid desert land on the other, with stark rock formations in between.

The Kund Malir beach nearby, with its sparkling cerulean waters, beckons visitors to spend the day picnicking or the night camping on its peaceful shore. Add to that a campsite bonfire as the Milky Way unfolds above and it makes for the perfect weekend getaway!

The clean shores of the Kund Malir beach. Credits: Emran Mani

So pack your shawls, sweaters and trekking gear, gather your friends and family and book a trip to Kund Malir this camping season!

What to expect:

Get a good night’s sleep—since you’ll be up till sunrise— and head out at 6pm from Karachi (meeting point: Millennium Mall in Gulistan-e-Johar or Boat Basin) in comfortable, air-conditioned buses.

Watch the city lights fade into the distance and the sandy plains grow around you as you enter Balochistan via the Makran Coastal Highway. Make sure to bring along your CNIC or passports if you’re a foreigner for identification purposes at checkpoints.

The journey is typically smooth, with a one hour stopover at Winder—a town in the Somniani district of Balochistan— around 9.30 pm for dinner. After dinner, it’s a 2.5 hour drive to Kund Malir. If you prefer to forgo dinner at Winder, we can have a BBQ arranged for you at Kund Malir- but remember to tell us a day in advance!

As you disembark at midnight and take in the serenity of the place, tents and sleeping bags (provided for by FindMyAdventure) will be set up for you. Bring along marshmallows and crackers to prepare s’mores, and sit and exchange tales around the campfire. Or just lie on the beach and gaze at an unobstructed view of the stars.

Sunrise at Kund Malir is a spectacular affair: the jagged, white Hingol peaks light up in the background, colour seeping across the sky to illuminate the ocean. This is an ideal time to pick sea shells or take a stroll along the beach. Just remember to pack some spare clothes, towels and, of course, keep lots of sunblock handy!

Once the sun has fully risen, the next destination is Hingol National Park. The group leaves at 7.30 am, stopping at the Princess of Hope and other landmarks for photos. The terrain is rocky so remember to wear appropriate trekking shoes and watch your step along the way. A basic first aid medical kit is available with the tour group in case of emergencies.

Then, it’s back to the beach for a breakfast of anda paratha at one of the local dhabas. The party wraps up at 11 am and heads for Winder for a bathroom break. Finally, the trip comes to an end as you return to Karachi at about 5 pm.

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  • Pack trekking gear, spare clothes, towels, sanitisers
  • Bring shawls and pillows
  • Carry your CNIC/ passport
  • Take lots of pictures


  • Wander too far from the group
  • Desecrate any of the national landmarks
  • Litter