Is Pakistan a safe country?

adventure   Jun 1, 2021

FindMyAdventure is Pakistan’s leading tourism marketplace and we have one thing to say about it.

Yes, Pakistan is a safe country to travel for anyone and anywhere. Unlike how it is usually portrayed, Pakistanis are very welcoming and friendly people who love to host travellers. We have organized over 1000+ trips since our inception and haven’t had any experience, both with local and foreigners travelers, that could suggest otherwise.

Safety and Security Situation In Pakistan

is pakistan safe?

Pakistan has had its fair share when it comes to terrorism which has an effect on tourism as an industry. In the early 2010s, there were a lot of destinations that were termed as a ‘no-go area’ for anyone due to security threats. Ever since, it has only gotten better!

Swat, one of the major destinations hit by terrorism, is now a peaceful destination which actually holds summer festival, commonly known as the Swat Mela, every year to promote tourism and celebrate peace in the region.

As for foreigners, there is no tourist destination which is considered unsafe and if you are feeling uncertain in any place, you can always contact the local authorities who would assist you in the best possible way.

Safety in Tourist Destinations in Pakistan

Here is an outline of various tourist destinations in Pakistan and what their current security situation is like. Read ahead if you want to know about any specifically.


Is Baluchistan Safe

Once considered a very unstable province with regular terrorist attacks, Balochistan is progressing towards peace very fast. Various projects of education and infrastructure have improved the province’s security situation. CPEC, one of the key economic projects and a doorway to prosperity, has actually opened doors to financial stability and growth in the region. This has helped the province develop its infrastructure when it comes to tourism.

Quite recently, ICC shared an awesome picture of the Gwadar Cricket stadium which put a lot of cricket enthusiasts in awe!

Other popular destinations include Kund Malir, Ormara, Moola Chotok, Charo Machi and many others which are open and safe for tourists to visit.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)

Is KPK Safe

Another unexplored region of the country, mainly due to a history of security issues, KPK is also on its way to stability. Rich with the Pashtoon culture and the marvelous sights of the mountains bordering Afghanistan, this region is home to very welcoming people. Pashtoons consider welcoming guests as a part of their honor and this is why tourists love to visit KPK and observe the culture closely.

Wagah Border

Is Wagah Border Safe

The infamous border with India is another attractive destination that might interest tourists. While there are incidents along the LoC in general, Wagah border is a safe place for anyone to travel. If you want to witness the zeal and passion of the two nations at one place, Wagah border might just be the place for you. The event of flag hoisting is carried out everyday and attracts crowds of hundreds of people from both sides of the border for a wonderful show.


Is Karachi Safe

If you are in Pakistan, you can’t miss out on Karachi. The largest city of the country in population and a home to a very versatile population, Karachi has everything a tourist would love. Wonderful places to eat, traditional and historical places, music galas and concerts, and whatnot. While the city used to have security issues about a decade ago, it is now one of the most vibrant attractions for tourists. 

There is never a time of the day in Karachi where you might feel bored. You could always have something to do and even at the end of your trip, you would feel you want to stay a few more days! 

How to interact with locals in Pakistan?

Is Pakistan safe for tourists?

Now you might be wondering what it is like to interact with the local people in Pakistan.

Pakistanis, as mentioned earlier, are super friendly in nature and would always intend to make your stay better in one way or the other. Just show a friendly attitude and you might just find a local who would help you explore the unexplored and experience the unexperienced!

Many bloggers and influencers like Jay Palfrey and Eva Zu Beck have highly praised the welcoming local population.

Final Words

To conclude, Pakistanis are just happy to welcome tourists of all backgrounds in their country! 

If you are actually planning to visit Pakistan, you just need to plan it and leave the rest for when the actual trip starts . Or you can just let us plan your trip and we would make sure that all your reservations related to security and well being are met with professional and cordial support!

Yes, the security situation is way better than before and you are just in for the most marvelous traveling experience of your life!