Inspiring Influencers who are Promoting the Beauty of Pakistan

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by Amna Tanveer Khan

Influencer marketing is a popular and fast-growing method adopted by many to market their brand, the main factor of it being a collaboration between the brand and the influencers. It works on the concept of celebrity endorsement without celebrities because many of the influencers would not consider themselves famous in an offline setting. The benefit of influencer marketing comes from the ability of the brand to target a particular audience group and thus it becomes important to get those influencers on board who align with the core value of your brand.

Since the steady rise of digital content creation in Pakistan, marketers have realized the scope of influencer marketing. FindMyAdventure considers this particular mode of marketing an important asset in reaching its country-wide audience, people from all walks of life and backgrounds, who want to travel and explore the gorgeous landscapes of their beloved country. For this purpose, there have been important collaborations with like-minded influencers and the results for both the parties involved have been fruitful. 

Amtul and Fahad, most commonly known as Patangeer or the travel couple teamed up with our tour guides from across the country to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and the couple was in complete awe of the wonders of the country. “These guys helped us explore everything. The local music, the unknown history, the traditional cuisine, and the ethnic craft, ensuring a very authentic and wholesome experience.” 


Sarah Price, or known for her username @sarahindelible, is passionate about living an adventurous life and inspiring others to do the same. FindMyAdventure sent her to Gorakh Hills, the Murree of Sindh and she was in awe of the beauty of the place. “A golden sunset embraces everything around Gorakh Hill and you honestly feel like you’re in some kind of heaven while watching this sunset. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” 

Picture Credit: Ghayyurj

Alina Hayat and Maria Unera, two rising stars in the digital marketing world, both with their own unique talents collaborated with FindMyAdventure to go to Gharo to experience exciting activities like jet-skiing and paramotoring. In the words of Alina, “I have always thought finding cool places and fun activities within Pakistan was a difficult task, but then I found FindMyAdventure and I kid you not they have the best travel packages and opportunities.”, whereas Maria Unera had her a little “robeena hood” moment when she did archery for the first time, thanks to this wonderful collaboration. 

Alina Hayat and Maria Unera