How to plan a vacation on a budget

vacation   Feb 25, 2020

Fatima Shaheen Niazi

Everyone needs a vacation now and then to relax and recharge. Not only does going on a vacation introduce you to new locations and cultures, but it also changes you into a much more confident and stress-free individual.

However, the major cause of people not travelling often enough is the lack of money. Don’t worry, we have a few solutions for you! Here’s how you can have an amazing vacation on a budget:

Make plans according to what you can afford

The first step for a budget vacation is of course analysing what you can afford. This means instead of selecting your holiday destination first, take a look at your bank account and then select the location. Also, make sure you don’t start spending using your credit card. Because if your expenditure is paid for using credit, it is obviously out of your budget.

Travel to a nearby location

When heading out for a vacation, the highest cost you incur is that of an airplane ticket. So be smart and pick a place that either requires you to travel by road or by plane. This way, you can focus more on the accommodation and food.

Travel for a short amount of time

Sure, everyone wishes to go on a month-long vacation. But is that really necessary if you can’t even afford it? After all, a vacation is supposed to relieve your stress, not further increase it by getting you caught up in loans. If you can’t afford a month travelling, you can always take a two-week long trip, a seven-day vacation, or even just a weekend trip.

Choose a budget-friendly travel style

Instead of booking expensive hotels, you have the option of booking comfy motels to lower the cost of accommodation. You can even reduce the food expenses by either cooking yourself or opting for meals that are not from super famous AND extremely expensive restaurants.

Travel to non-expensive destinations

Can’t go to London, Thailand or America? Fret not, there are many amazing places in Pakistan you can travel to. However, if you are adamant on a trip abroad, choose countries that are less expensive such as Vietnam or Cambodia.

Take advantage of low-cost flights

Face the facts, flights always cost more when you book them at the last moment. But if you reserve a ticket now for a place you will visit after two months, you are bound to save up lots of cash.

Travel in groups

Travelling with your family or travelling solo always costs more since you are the sole bearer of all the expenses. But if you are travelling with a group of five to ten people, your expenses will immediately decrease. This is because hotels give discounts to travel groups.

Travel off-season

Instead of travelling during summer and winter vacations, travel in spring and autumn. Why does this matter, you ask? It’s because typical tourist seasons lead to an increase in prices of literally everything from plane tickets to hotel room charges. Travel off-season to get discounts you never knew existed.