How to plan a group trip

adventure   Feb 13, 2020

Let’s face it, planning a trip with friends in Pakistan is not easy. Some people have family commitments, others are low on cash, and then there are some who are just plain lazy. However, the real reason a group trip plan fails to materialise is lack of proper planning

Are there places in Pakistan you have been dreaming to visit with your friends? Here are some tips that will help:

Pick a leader

First things first, accept the fact that not everyone has the same energy as you. Neither is everyone bitten by the travel bug. Hence, a majority of the people around you will need to be motivated to travel. For this purpose, a team leader will be required – someone who has the energy to keep the rest inspired.  The trick is to pitch a plan to your friends and delegate tasks that need to be done in order to make a trip happen.

Make travel arrangements first

The main problem faced by anyone planning to go on a vacation is the price they will incur and whether they even have enough savings to afford a trip. The solution is to get rid of the biggest cost first, i.e. the plane or train ticket. If you book tickets weeks or months beforehand, the price will be much cheaper and will decrease the overall cost of your trip.

Sort out the budget

Research, discuss and set a budget that is required for the trip. This way, even those who don’t have enough cash, will start saving. Many a times, people pick up extra freelance jobs in order to collect enough money for a trip. Give everyone the time and space to set their finances in order.

Plan out activities

At times, people get demotivated when they feel they will end up doing nothing while they are on vacation. The key to keep the group motivated is to set up a list of activities that all friends will embark on.

Set a deadline

Don’t ever leave a plan hanging. Even if the finances aren’t sorted, at least set a fixed trip date. Fixing a date will help the group stay on track.

Contact FMA

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