How skiing benefits mental health

adventure   Jan 19, 2020

Though stepping outside into a place where it has snowed can be tough since it requires one to be layered up and warm, there are several snow-based activities that can actually have a positive impact on mental health.

One of the adventures that need to be embarked upon at least once include skiing. Following are the positive effects of skiing on mental health…

Counters depression

Just being outside in the mountains exposes one to ample vitamin D. This is important because sunlight really helps in countering seasonal depression, and mood disorders. The act of skiing itself, releases endorphins and adrenaline in the body due to heightened activity.

Change of perspective

High-rise buildings may be impressive, but they are nothing compared to the awe one feels at the site of the mountains up north. Visiting a place surrounded by such sites of nature often changes one’s perspective and lead to the realisation that the world is a beautiful place. The change in perspective also causes a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Increases happiness

According to a study conducted by Yonsei University, people who took up skiing were happier as compared to those who participated in other activities. The result of the study was that an occasional ski trip can actually have a long-term impact on one’s happiness. The fresh air consumed during skiing also boosts the immune system and causes one to form a positive perspective of things.

Focus on the present

Skiing is fun, but it requires a lot of concentration and focus. The coordination between the mind and the body is what leads one to forget all about the past troubles and helps one focus simply on the now.

Yogis all over the world spend years trying to master the art of staying in the present, whereas a skiing adventure lets one achieve this skill the minute they step on the slopes.  

Ski and sleep

Skiing for a few hours is one of the best workouts one can do. The result? It leads to exhaustion and causes one to feel sleepy. And we all know what a good sleep can do. Yes, it restores mental and physical health!