How fishing helps mental health

adventure   Dec 13, 2019

While Pakistanis are quite energetic and fun-loving, the fact is, there is a dearth of intriguing events one can partake in here. Though there is ample nature and adventure opportunities in this country, certain activities have disappeared from our culture with time. One such activity is fishing.

A cure to literally any problem you are going through, fishing is the favourite past time of many around the world. Whether it be a group of friends or a family, fishing together is known to bring people closer and leave a positive impact on one’s overall mood.

Here’s how fishing helps mental health:

Vitamin D increases serotonin

Yes, I know ladies often try to avoid the sun, but the fact is, soaking up some rays can really strengthen your immune system. Since fishing involves being near the sea, you tend to be in the sun too.

And what does the sun do? It provides vitamin D that stimulates the genes that release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

Teaches patience

Those with anxiety often lose patience fast, hence, fishing serves as a way of teaching them to keep their cool without letting stress take over.

Exercise elevates the mood

Since fishing includes movements like wading, paddling, and casting, the activity tends to get the blood pumping. Hence, the slight exercise that you end up doing while fishing releases endorphins that decrease feelings of depression and act as a natural stress reliever. Believe it or not, during a morning or afternoon of fishing, you could burn from 500-1,500 calories!

The nature nurtures you

Believe it or not, time away from the strenuous city life actually improves mental health. According to several studies, just spending 20 minutes in a park can elevate your mood. Now imagine the impact a few hours of fishing every weekend can have on the way you feel. Not only will your stress levels reduce, but you will also feel confident and energised.

It forces you to think

Fishing is a peaceful activity that sometimes requires you to wait for an hour or so before you actually catch something. So what do you do whilst you wait? You begin to reflect on your life, of course! The nature of the sport actually forces you to focus and relax. And when your brain calms down, you tend to start having peaceful thoughts and often end up being grateful for all that life has given to you.